Six Reasons Families Will Love Keystone Resort

Keystone Resort offers so many great activities that the whole family will love. While exploring Keystone, there were a number of things that I felt made our ski day go much more smoothly.


Free Front Row Parking in the River Run Parking Lot Right Next to the Gear Wagons

I don’t know about you but I find the hardest part about skiing together as a family is just getting to the ski lift. By time the kids have pulled on the ski pants (because, you know, the drive up is much more comfy when you aren’t in your ski pants), the jacket, and the gloves to strapping on those ski boots, I often feel like running a 5K would have been easier. The River Run parking lot not only offers free parking but also front row parking for families (or large carpools). We had pulled in to park way in the back when one of the parking attendants told us to drive all the way up to the front and park. We arrived around 8:30am and there was still plenty of space in the family parking. We got a spot right next to the collection of gear wagons just waiting to hold all of our gear as we trekked to the ski lift.


Baskets in the Bathroom

Have you ever taken a young child to the restroom when they are covered head to toe in snow gear? The jacket and the gloves are usually the first things to come off. Somehow, the hat ends up on the dirty, wet floor. Then, well, you get my drift. Keystone has baskets hanging above the toilets in the bathrooms to help with this and it is the thing that parents dream about while standing there holding all the gear. Drop the gloves and hats into the basket and then you will be ready to help your child get those snowpants unbuttoned. For the fourteenth time that day.


 Tubing at 11,640 feet

Snow tubing is big fun. Snow tubing at 11,000 feet? Amazing. The whole family will load into the gondola to ride up to Adventure Point . After signing some waivers and watching a video, you will hit the tubing hill. Tubing sessions are an hour and you might feel like that won’t be enough time, but, believe me, it is. Be sure to allot some time to play on the snow fort. The kids will love to climb, slide, and explore the world’s largest snow fort.


Beginner Ski Lessons on Top of the World

When my kids both learned how to ski, they were very disappointed that their ski day was spent at the bottom of the mountain on the magic carpet. Now, I am not saying that my kids were ready to go up the chair lift that first day, but there was a lot of talk that evening about how all they did was ride up and down the magic carpet. Keystone has some great learning areas that have to be reached by gondola.  The kids will love riding the gondola to their lesson spot. Bonus? The view from one of the learning areas is amazing and not a view that you often see during your first few lessons.


Fun for the Non-Skiers

Before moving to Colorado and trying our hand at skiing, I thought ski resorts were for downhill skiers. Boy, was I wrong. Keystone caters to everyone. As we were exploring Keystone, all I could think about was how much fun it would be to have a family reunion there. Visitors from 1 to 100 will find something to do. There are sleigh rides, snowshoeing trails, tubing, gigantic checkers and chess. There are restaurants, coffee shops, snowcat tours, and ice skating.


Kids Ski Free and Night Skiing

Keystone has one of the longest ski days around because they keep 9 trails open after dark. With our condo booking, we were given the option for free skiing on the night of our arrival. When you book two nights, kids ski free during your trip and this will help save some major cash for your ski vacation. I love that there are no blackout dates and you can choose from any lodging to qualify. This means that you can choose lodging in your budget, from hotel rooms to condos.

*Thank you to Keystone for hosting some of our activities. All opinions are my own.


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