It is Going to Be a Colorado Summer

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In August, I went back to work full-time as a teacher librarian. At the same time, my husband switched jobs and is working much longer days. Because of this, we feel like we have become the perfect example of those people working for the weekend and we haven’t been able to do much traveling.

Part of that is work and life but part of it is my fault. I am just so tired at the end of the week that the last thing I can think about is traveling and coming home to a dirty house, an empty fridge, and a work week ahead of me. I have vowed to be much better during the school year but first, summer will be upon us soon!

Over the past month or so, we have been dreaming up some big plans for the summer. First, we talked about going to the Grand Canyon but then we realized we waited too long to book and everywhere we wanted to stay was booked solid. Next, we found some great ticket prices for flights to California. I grew up in SoCal and we talked about showing the kids my old stomping grounds. A few other ideas were thrown into the mix but in the end we decided that there is just so much of Colorado that we haven’t seen.

Enter the Colorado Summer! We are going to spend lots of summer weekends taking shorter trips around Colorado.

We are so excited to explore more of this awesome state. Some of the things on our list include Mesa Verde, the Sand Dunes (again!), and the Maroon Bells. We will go hiking and camping and spend some time in Estes Park.

Where should we go? What should we do? Share your ideas with us and help us plan our summer of Colorado itinerary.


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