It is not always what you think!

I have become addicted to blogging. Not just blogging myself, but stalking and lurking on other blogs as well. I have just now started commenting on some of the blogs that I have been lurking on. This morning I was reading some of the other blogs that participated in Photo Friday and I came across one post in particular that reminded me of my family trip to Europe. The author of Teacher Meets World talks about how being a child in Europe is a great thing!

It made me think of my trip through London with my husband and son, then 10 months old. He had to wear a helmet 23 out of 24 hours a day because he had severe brachycephaly and torticollis. We were often stared at and people had some ridiculous comments. Sometimes it was too much to take! We were trying to get on the tube through the stroller entrance and the attendant was staring at us. It was a blatant stare, not the kind where you try to hide the fact that you are staring at someone. His eyes could have bored holes through us. My first reaction was “Bring it on…”

When he finally found the courage (or audacity in my mind at the moment) to speak, he said “That is the STRANGEST buggy I have ever seen!!!”

You see, we had bought this Kelty Backpack Stroller (a must have for the stairs and cobblestone streets of Europe) and it is a little strange looking. He couldn’t get over how bizarre it was. He probably noticed my little beautiful boy in a helmet, but that was no big deal. He saw past the helmet and just saw this little guy sitting in a big rectangle on wheels! It was an eye opening experience for me!