Photo Friday!

For this week’s Photo Friday at Delicious Baby, I have decided to take a break from our Europe adventure (we certainly have enough Europe stories to continue posting all year!) and share a little piece of Wyoming!

On our summer road trip through Wyoming, we pulled over to take a look at this awesome sight. It looks like it just doesn’t belong there. Hell’s Half Acre is kind of like the Badlands. It is a 150 ft deep gorge where Native Americans slaughtered herds and herds of bison. It is also where Starship Troopers was partly filmed.

Unfortunately, the tourist attraction (a restaurant and info booth) is closed and Hell’s Half Acre is fenced off so you can’t see very much without trespassing…at least that is how we felt. Of course, if you are traveling with kids you won’t want to get to close anyway! We were able to read about the area because the information sign is still standing and snap a few pictures before continuing on to Jackson Hole.


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    What beautiful landscape! Looks like an amazing place.

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    Beautiful, and thanks for the warning about it being mostly closed because this is just the kind of thing I’d go out of my way to see.

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    We loved Wyoming (Montana and the Dakotas) when we visited a couple years ago. This -does- look like the Badlands…somehow we missed this site when we were there.

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    WanderMom says:

    In the time I’ve lived in the US, I’ve lived on the west coast and used most of my vacation time to visit friends and family in Europe. I’ve seen a pitiful amount of the rest of the country. So, thanks for sharing these photos – who know when I’ll ever get to Wyoming!

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    Soultravelers3 says:

    Great to meet another family traveling around the world! We are into our 3rd year of our open ended world tour & I can't believe I am just finding you.

    Always wonderful to find other families with a passion for educating their children though travel.

    Lovely photos!

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    Thanks so much for the comments all!

    Junebug, and Dommy–Hell’s Half Acre is absolutely beautiful and

    Minnemom–even though everything is closed up, it is on a main highway so it is worth pulling over if you headed that direction.

    Wandermom–We try to get an equal amount of both our own country and Europe but I know what you mean…I would rather use my vacation time to hit Europe as well!

    Soultravelers3–I have been stalking your blog for a couple of months now and admire your ability to travel for so long at a time…I wish we had the financial means to do it! We try to make as many trips a year as we can…it is fantastic for us and a great learning experience for our children!