Hiking the AT – Photo Friday


For this week’s Photo Friday at Delicious Baby, I decided to share some pictures that my husband took on his last Appalachian Trail hike.  Due to work constraints, he is not able to be a thru hiker but he does have a personal goal to section hike the whole thing.  During this last trip, they started at the beginning of the trail and hiked through a large portion of Georgia.  Being the photographer of the family, I made sure that I sent him with our little point and shoot so that he could take some pictures!





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  1. 1

    Beautiful. Hope we can hike at least a section of it at some point. Also, I keep meaning to read Bill Bryson’s book “A Walk in the Woods”. Have you read it?

  2. 2

    I’ve read Bill Bryson’s book and it’s as entertaining as all of his others. If you’ve never read any, I really recommend them. These are beautiful shots, I would love to go there.

  3. 3

    Amazing pictures!

  4. 4

    Lovely photos and great idea to section hike (hadn’t heard that term before) the whole AT.

  5. 5

    Amazing pictures!!! I want to go!

  6. 6

    Gorgeous scenery, this looks like the kind of trail I would love to go on (instead of Argentina).

  7. 7

    I’ve never been to this part of the country, so I’m very curious about it. Beautiful scenery! Glad you sent him out with a camera!

  8. 8

    Wow! Amazing pictures. Funny that my Photo Friday this week is also hiking but we are such an amateur, we hiked in our backyard. 🙂

  9. 9

    Loved the waterfalls!

    Good luck to your husband with his goal of section hiking the trail.

  10. 10

    We once walked about a 1/4 mile of the trail in Vermont and many years ago I took a whitewater canoeing class in NC and the trail went through the grounds of the school. The trail is a real treasure. Great pics.

  11. 11

    Those views are stunning

  12. 12

    Fantastic photos! Someday I’d love to do the hike, too… wow.

  13. 13

    I have a friend that did the AT by Maine. She’s a bit hardcore, and she covered, on her own, 250 miles thru mud and rain.
    However, sh said it was the best time of her life:)