Guest Post at Pit Stops For Kids

Thanks to Lucia from Dim Sum, Bagels and Crawfish for introducing me to Pit Stops for Kids.  This is a great site that is busy building up its database!  It has already helped us out!  The concept of Pit Stops for Kids is to share tried and true kid friendly pit stops.  The site is extremely informative-information on each stop includes cost, which interstate it is located, website, bathrooms, food and other tips.  We are roadtripping right now and I found one of our pit stops on the site.  We stopped at the Mayfield Dairy for a brief bathroom break and if I hadn’t read about it here, I would never have known about it!  Today, my submission about the Afred B. Maclay Gardens State Park is located here.  You can read the full post on my blog here.  Do you have a review of your own?  Submit it here!


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    What a fantastic resource! Thanks for sharing it on your blog – I just paid a visit to the site. This will make lots of moms happy on their next road trip!!!

  2. 2

    I’m grateful to Lucia as well for introducing you to my site! Your review was a great addition, and I appreciate your spreading the word! Keep the reviews coming! Hope the road trip is going great!