Wanderfood Wednesday: Gigantic Pretzels at German Christmas Market

This time last year, we were spending the holidays in Germany.  These pretzels were our favorite Christmas market indulgence as we wandered through Germany and Austria.  Well, that and the waffles and the marzipan, and the chocolate and the Viennese cakes and the…ok.  The pretzels were not our only indulgence, but they certainly are one of the main things my son remembers.  Just the other day I gave him a handful of pretzels and he asked me if I remember that “gigantor” pretzel that we had with Oma and Opa in Germany!

Europe Backup Small Images681

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    Kristin Gibson says:

    We are actually headed to Germany for the Christmas markets this year with our boys 5 & 6. Any advise? We are planning to go to the ones in Munich, Nuremburg and maybe Vienna. Would love to go to one is a smaller less touristy town.

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Kristin