Suggestions for Free/Cheap Orlando activities?

ornament6So much for the House of Mouse.  We are all geared up to make a trip to Orlando and Big S has to go break his collar bone!!!  This week, my little man fell and broke his collar bone.  We are still making the trip to Orlando for other reasons, but we have to significantly change our itinerary for this trip.  No amusement parks, no wild and crazy running around, no fun as far as he is concerned. 

So I am asking for my readers’ help.  Leave a comment in this blog with all of your free and cheap Orlando activity favorites!


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    He would love Medivall Times. Knights and horses plus you get to eat your food with your hands. Awesome stuff.

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    Owww.. So sorry to hear about Big S. I just saw a post at Ciao Bambino about Walt Disney World without the rides. 🙂

    I also have 3 tips on free things to do in Orlando beyond Disney World. (



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