Monday Dreaming – Mobile Bay Jubilee Phenomenom

I have lived on the Gulf Coast for almost fifteen years but didn’t hear about this Gulf Coast phenomenon called the Jubilee until recently.  Once I did a little research on it, it promptly moved up my list of things that I want to see while I live on the Gulf Coast. 

The Jubilee is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs early in the morning before sunrise.  The water loses its oxygen forcing the sealife to push its way to more oxygenated waters.  They push their way shore and become lethargic making it easy for fishing for flounder, crab, shrimp, etc.  Once the water begins to mix the oxygen will level out again and the bottom-dwellers will head back into the ocean. 

Apparently it is a sight to see and those who have grown up in the Mobile area describe how they can sense a Jubilee is going to occur.  There are a few things according to several articles I read that said that it usually occurs during a rising tide and will stop when the tide falls, the wind is usually coming from the east, and they usually occur in the summer (August and September being the most likely months according to one article). 

I can only hope that the oil slick will not affect this and that maybe sometime this summer we should make reservations at a hotel on the Mobile Bay and take our chances to see a Jubilee in all its glory!

To see pictures of a Jubilee, visit this site.  For more information about the Jubilee, see Wikipedia and this article in the Clanton advertiser.   To read a wonderful narrative from a local who spent many summers on Mobile Bay, visit here.

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    Jen, I think about the oil slick all the time. It’s such folly. I dearly hope that you will get to see the Jubilee.

  2. 2

    I hope you get to see one too. Have been thinking a lot about the oil spill here and upset about how that will affect the people whose lives depend on the ocean for a living.

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    That really does look like an amazing thing to see. I’m dreaming a dream of hope for you today — that sighting a Jubilee is in your near future.

  4. 4

    I hope you get to see the Jubilee sometime this summer. I hope so much that Mother Nature is strong enough to overcome the oil spill.

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    Cole Curtis says:

    I went to mobile bay this august and we were fortunate enough to see a jubilee. I gigged 16 flounder the biggest of which was about 23 inches and I caught pounds and pounds of shrimp and countless crabs. I hope you get to see a jubilee and good luck.