Wilderness at the Smokies – Sevierville, TN – Part One – Salamander Springs

Last week, I shared my video of our experience at Wilderness at the Smokies!  Today I am going to go into a little bit more detail on our visit.  We got to visit Wilderness at the Smokies for two nights as part of the Trekaroo Superoo program.  If you have followed this site for awhile, you will know how much we love Trekaroo.  Trekaroo is kind of like a Trip Advisor for families!  You can do a search for a city or area and get reviews by families just like you and me for hundreds of hotels and activities!  If you haven’t already, definitely stop by and check it out!


The Wilderness at the Smokies visit was so great for us as a family!  We spent an evening and a day splashing in the water at the three different water parks.  We have visited waterparks all over the country.  This waterpark resort is definitely not the biggest, but it isn’t the smallest either!  Our favorite of the three water parks, Salamander Springs, is what I am going to share with you today!  To see my full review of Wilderness at the Smokies on Trekaroo, head to my Trekaroo Passport.

When we first arrived at the hotel, we were so bummed when we realized that we were staying across the street from the large indoor water park.  Once we checked in, we had a chance to look out one of the windows where we spied Salamander Springs!  Salamander Springs is full of water slides, pools, hot tubs, and play structures great for kids of all ages but in particular, the younger kids.  My three year old was able to go down all the slides on her own.  They splashed around the pools and loved exploring the huge play structure.  The structure had slides, tunnels to crawl through, steps to climb, and a bucket that dropped gallons and gallons of water on unsuspecting children every few minutes! 


Even the itty bitty toddlers can have a great time splashing around.  There is a small section set aside just for your youngest children with a little pool, slide and swings.  It is manned by its own lifeguard.


The best part about staying next to Salamander Springs was that when our kids got tired of being in the sun and water, we took them upstairs to our room for a snack, rest and some tv time.  When we were all rested, we were ready to head back downstairs. 

I loved the fact that there were plenty of lifeguards watching and interacting with all of the children.  I also loved being able to sit in a chair while my kids romped around into the water.  I did not feel the need to have to follow them around as they played like I did at some of the bigger parks.

Disclosure: We were guests of Wilderness at the Smokies for two nights.  Water park admission is included with every hotel stay because you must be guests of the hotel to visit the water park.  While on this trip, we paid for everything else including our meals and the gas to get there.  My reviews are based solely on my experiences and opinion with no outside influence.

Next up – Part Two – Wild Water Dome Indoor Water Park.

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    I Love water parks, and I suppose that is one thing that can make living in the NW a bummer. We have ONE little park that is open only a couple months out of the year and on the hot days it’s open, you can imagine it’s packed full.
    Although as I get older, fitting into my bathingsuit isn’t as fun, so I suppose the water parks are not as high up on my list to be prancing around in a bathingsuit. LOL
    Can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to go to one. My daughter is 6 but she’s very skiddish and wouldn’t even think about a water slide.