Sky Top Orchard – Flat Rock, North Carolina

Sometimes, the vacations that we dream of are not always the vacations we get.  Things go wrong.  Kids pitch fits in front of thousands of tourists in the middle of the city square.  You thought that your spouse put the diapers in the diaper bag and he/she thinks you put the diapers in the diaper bag…of course, you find out at the worst time that neither of you put them in the bag!  The picture on the website doesn’t look like the room you are standing in.  The attraction that your kids are thrilled to see happens to be closed for remodeling but you forgot to check on the website.  We have all been there. 

For several weeks leading up to my trip to Asheville, North Carolina, the number one thing I was looking forward to was a visit to an apple orchard where we could pick our own apples off the tree!  I hadn’t been apple picking in years (like 15 years).  We tried to go last year when we were at Homestead Farm  in Poolesville, MD but we got rained out.  I did several web searches to find apple orchards and I sent messages out on Twitter to get reviews for the best orchard farms.  This was a well-researched trip.  What I didn’t expect when we arrived at the perfect apple orchard (perfect because it was right off the highway we take out of town, down the street from the Carl Sandburg home which I wanted to visit as well, and on top of a mountain so it would offer amazing views), was this:


That is an apple tree in case you couldn’t tell.  That was pretty much all we could see of the apple trees.  I was only about ten feet away from the tree when I took that picture.  That is how close I needed to get before I could actually see the tree.  Those beautiful vistas the website claims?  Well, I believe they are there but we didn’t get to see them.  The morning fog was so thick that we couldn’t see anything on our drive up to Sky Top Orchard

We reached Sky Top Orchard and at first glance we thought it was closed.  We got out of the car and realized that it was not closed but we were the only customers there for awhile.  Even though we decided not to brave the weather and pick apples, we wandered around the orchard for awhile just enjoying the morning walk in the fog.  Once we decided that the scarecrow was in fact a scarecrow and not a real person, we headed back into the store area to pick some apples…from the table.  We also picked up apple cider (frozen for the long car ride home!) and a caramel apple to share during a stop.


There are tables and tables of so many different kinds of apples so you don’t have to pick your own if you don’t want.  These fresh apples were so delicious.  We just used the last few to make caramel apples this morning. 


There are also lots of pumpkins for sale.  We spent time digging through a gigantic bin of little orange pumpkins.  All were one dollar and all looked exactly the same but Little S wanted to find the perfect ones.  We found the perfect ones!


Today, I am dreaming about those vacation moments that don’t always go as dreamed.  Just because those moments don’t go exactly like I planned doesn’t mean that there are no redeeming qualities from the vacations.  Even though we were so disappointed that we didn’t pick apples, we had such a great time sharing this mother daughter moment.  Okay…I am not going to lie.  I am also dreaming about picking our own apples from an orchard as great as this one but I guess I will have to tuck that dream away until next apple picking season.

If you are in the area and it is a sunny day, I recommend a stop at the Sky Top Orchard.  The orchard has many activities besides apple picking: ride a tractor pulled hayride, hop behind wooden cut-outs for pictures, visit the barnyard animals, see cider and donuts made, and much more.

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    I’m also dreaming of a perfect first apple picking adventure — coming up for us in a couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to keep you in my thoughts! 🙂

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    Dreaming of our family trip to DC in two weeks and our couple get-away in December to Puerto Rico (without the kids!).