A Quiet Moment at Manoa Falls – Honolulu, Hawaii

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I have had a hard time going through my Hawaii pictures since we got home at the beginning of November.  I think it is just because I miss it so much.  Every time we leave a place we have visited, we always say things like “wow…we could definitely live here” or “I can’t wait to come back”.  But Oahu…with its 70’s style buildings, laid back North Shore where we spent a lot of our time, hiking trails, waterfalls, island music…it got inside of us and hasn’t left.  It was the first time that we really didn’t want to get on the plane to come home.  I truly believe that if we had our kids with us, we would have hired someone to pack up our house, ship our stuff and we would still be sitting on that island!  My husband has been listening to a local Oahu radio station on the computer, I have been comparing every meal out with the meals we had on the island and we are both trying to figure out how to get back there as soon as possible.

When a friend asked me what my favorite activity was, I told her that trip was so amazing that it was hard to pick a favorite activity.  If I had to pick one, I think I would choose hiking Manoa Falls.  It wasn’t just the hike, though.  Sure, it was an amazing hike through a rainforest and bamboo forest ending at a pool at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall.  It was the quiet moment that my husband and I stole together.  It was the feeling of being completely alone in this wild part of Hawaii when, in actuality, we were minutes away from Waikiki, a university, and many neighborhoods.

We went on a very rainy day.  As we entered the hike area, we watched two or three small groups come out and they looked like they had just taken a shower fully clothed.  It was pouring!  We decided to come back another day and did a U-turn in the parking.  We drove about three minutes back into Waikiki where the weather was beautiful and my husband talked me into trying the hike. 

“Don’t worry, honey.  The rain will go away soon.  Look how beautiful it is right now!”

HA!  It is moments like these that remind me why I love traveling so much…moments where I am talked into doing something I would never do at home…like hiking a mile and a half in a torrential downpour.  We would most certainly have stayed at home and scheduled the outing for another day. 

And so we hiked. 

It was wet and peaceful and wild and rainy.  It was beautiful and muddy and romantic all at the same time.  Except for one small group of tourists and a few college students, we were completely on our own.  We held hands as we wandered up the slopes and climbed the rocks.  We snapped a few pictures and just enjoyed the quiet, magical moments together.  That was on the way up to the waterfall.

On the way down to the car, after it had rained and rained, I was hoping that we wouldn’t have a “Romancing the Stone” moment.  You know, the moment when Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas get caught in a mudslide?

Go to :50 seconds to see the Romancing the Stone mudslide!

Luckily, this hike ended without any complications or mudslides.  When I dream about Hawaii, I remember this moment.  I remember how wonderful it was to spend time with my husband of ten years and enjoy the quiet moments without the worry of housework, bills, or kids pulling on our shirts vying for our attention. 

It was just him and me.  In a rainforest.

Stop by Mara’s at Mother of All Trips to see what other are dreaming about.  Stay tuned tomorrow for things to know before you hike Manoa Falls.


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    Glad you made it to see Manoa Falls. Getting to see a rainforest so close to the city truly is magical, no?

  2. 2

    Mmm, lovely! Thanks for letting us steal along with you! (And RTS is still one of my favorite, fun, escapist movies.)

  3. 3

    Very nicely written Jen. I’ve been wanting to take a trip with my DH for a while now, but events keep conspiring against us. Nice to read about this and dream. Although in our case *I* would be the one having to urge *him* to hike in the rain!

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    Hey there –
    Just wanted to let you know I gave your blog a wee mention on my blog post today: http://www.toeuropewithkids.com/2011/01/who-needs-travel-book.html.

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    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! You reminded me how lucky I am to live here. When visitors have to get on a plane and leave I always feel a little sad for them. When our vacations end and we have to get on the plane I’m always thankful Hawaii is where we’ll land. Hope you get to come back soon!