Doraku – Waikiki, Hawaii

You know when you hit that point on vacation where you can’t possibly eat another bite? 

We had enjoyed so many different meals at all the different recommended restaurants.  We had also spent A LOT of money on said meals.  When we are at home we do not eat many fancy meals out because we are trying to save money for our next vacation!  We had already splurged a lot!  On our second to last evening of our Hawaii vacation, we couldn’t decide what to eat.  We weren’t incredibly hungry and we were looking for something that was not extremely expensive.  We just decided to wander around Waikiki until we found something that caught our attention.  As we walked past the Royal Hawaiian Center, we decided to venture in and wander around.  When we got to the third floor, we found Doraku

doraku sushi

After looking at the menu we decided to grab some sushi.  It was worth it!  I had the Doraku roll because it was something different from what I had tried before.  It is tempura fried and so good!  Daddy J had a spicy tuna roll.  It was the perfect amount of food at a tolerable price.

doraku sushi1

Doraku has several locations: Waikiki, Miami Beach, and coming soon to Honolulu, HI.

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    looks wonderful!

  2. 2

    I also loved tempura sushi- hard to go wrong!