Tips for Touring a Stadium with Children

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The Super Bowl is around the corner and Spring Training will begin for baseball soon.  Whenever we travel, the first thing we check is the baseball schedule.  Much to my husband’s dismay, we usually time our trips when the teams are playing away.  When this happens, we like to try to schedule a tour of the stadium.  Many stadiums offer tours for a small fee.  It gives you a chance to wander the field, see the locker rooms and press boxes, and other places that you normally don’t get to see during a game.  Here are a few things to know before you go:

  • The tours can be lengthy, especially for a small child.  Most tours last at least 45 minutes to an hour and include some walking.  You could walk up to a mile in some stadiums so wear comfortable walking shoes!
  • Make reservations ahead of time.  Some stadiums allow walk up ticket purchases, but if you buy your tickets ahead of time you will be gauranteed a spot and there will be no tears when you have to leave without going inside!
  • If you have an infant, use a sling or backpack.  If you need to use a stroller, call ahead of time to see what each stadium’s policy is.
  • Keep the kids occupied with a scavenger hunt.  As they walk the tour, spot the different things on a list.  You can write one up yourself by jotting down a few things to look for (a monument, a stadium seat with the number 4, something green, a locker, etc)!  You could also play a game of I Spy as you tour.
  • Pack a picnic lunch or snacks to leave in the car.  Many of the tours do not allow food and drink.  When the tour is over, have your own little mini tailgating session!

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And guess what Trekaroo’s Spotlight Thursday is all about?  Spring training!  I can almost smell the hotdogs and popcorn now!


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    We LOVE baseball and have taken our daughter to several games, but it has never occurred to us to try a stadium tour! Sounds like fun! 🙂


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