Wailoa Ice – Honolulu, Hawaii


Besides my ridiculous (almost obsessive) love for guidebooks, I also tear articles from magazines about our destinations, send away for brochures, and scour the Internet for information. 

In September of 2009, my husband and I made our reservations for a 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii.  We were going to go at the end of October 2010.  A few weeks later, my Everyday with Rachel Ray October 2009 issue arrived.  I was so excited to see an article in there about shave ice from all over.  One of the places listed was Wailoa Shave Ice in Honolulu, Hawaii so I tore out the page and taped it above my desk. 


For awhile, it was the only thing I collected on our trip to Hawaii.  Everytime I walked past or worked at my desk, I would look at that shave ice article and dream about our upcoming trip, a 2nd honeymoon if you will.  After I started collecting other articles and brochures, I moved the shave ice article to the Hawaii folder and forgot about it. 

A few weeks before the trip, I pulled all of the brochures, articles and guidebooks and started officially planning our week.  For this trip, we just made a list of everything we wanted to do and made decisions on what we wanted to do each day once we were in Hawaii.  As I was flipping through the pages, I got to the shave ice article.  It made me smile thinking about how it hung on my desk over a year before we were going.  It kind of became a symbol of our trip! 

Then the author of the article caught my eye…Kara Williams. 

Kara Williams?  Wait?!  Kara from The Vacation Gals?!?!  Is that the same person?  I know her…well, not really but she is one of my imaginary Internet friends!  I sent her a quick note and it was in fact her article.  The whole thing made us chuckle and I made sure that I definitely made it to Waioloa Ice!

We sampled a lot of shave ice in Hawaii, but I think our favorite was Wailoa Ice.  The shave ice was so thinly shaved that it really felt like snow.  It was a very creamy texture, not icy.  Our favorite flavor was Liliko’i, which is passionfruit. 


Wailoa Ice is in Honolulu but it is not near the hotels in Waikiki.  You will want to drive or take the bus or a taxi.  There is a small parking lot on the side of the building that is hit or miss.  We drove by it one time, and the place was packed so we decided to come back.  When we returned a few days later, there was only one car in the parking lot. 

The shave ice can be purchased in many flavors, colors, and sizes.  You can also have it with ice cream or other additions.  Prices start at just a few dollars.

To read about other shave ice places on the island of Oahu, stop by my article at Traveling Mom.

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  1. 1

    I’ve been dreaming about a 10th-anniversary trip to Hawaii, too, so if we make it, we’re definitely trying the shaved ice at Wailoa Ice. After all, with recommendations from both you AND Kara, it must be awesome!

  2. 2

    How cool! I will probably ask for your whole Hawaii file when we make a plan to visit. 🙂 Also what a great tip from a good friend. 🙂

  3. 3

    I consider myself a snow cone expert, sampling them everywhere we go. Just another reason I’ve got to get to Hawaii. Thanks for the mouth-watering post.

  4. 4

    That lilikoi shave ice is e-melting in my mouth. That’s my FAVE flavor of the islands!

  5. 5

    Karon-If you plan a trip to Hawaii, I would love to give you our day by day itinerary!!!
    Amy-I would love to share the folder and give you our itinerary, too. We had such a wonderful time, we are trying to get back there in 2012!
    Nicole-It is so tasty! I ate shave ice all week! We went to several different places…each one was tasty for different reasons.
    Angela-That was my favorite too. Once I tasted lilikoi, it was the only one I ordered. Even when I was determined to try something else, I found myself saying lilikoi before I could stop!

  6. 6

    wait, can you hear me crying from here? i love shave ice and passionfruit is awesome. so i think i remember seeing that article too, funny.