Liliha Bakery – Honolulu, Hawaii

If you watched Hawaii 5-0 last week, you saw Dano raving about a pastry that his partner brought him.  Before his partner explained what they were, I saw the tell tale box from Liliha Bakery sitting on the car and knew that he had to be eating a coco puff.  Sure enough, Dano’s partner goes on to explain that they are the famous coco puffs at Liliha Bakery.


According to the website, Liliha Bakery sells between 4800 and 7200 of these coco puffs a day and I believe it!  The place was packed.  Fortunately, there is a lot of parking available so we didn’t have trouble finding a space.  Besides pastries, Liliha also serves diner type food. 

The coco puffs were very sweet and delicious but don’t just confine yourself to coco puffs! 


We tried several other pastries and each one was delicious.


If you are staying in Waikiki and want to visit Liliha Bakery, you will need a car or some other mode of transportation because it is about 10 a ten minute drive. 

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    The coco puffs are far and away my favorite treat – especially the chocolate-filled ones. Yummy!

  2. 2

    Looks delish! And if it’s good enough for Dano…