Rainbow Drive-In – Honolulu, Hawaii

rainbow drivein1

We ate at the Rainbow Drive-In on our way to the airport to leave Hawaii.  It was our last meal in Hawaii and it did not disappoint.  We were going to eat at Ono Hawaiian BBQ as recommended by Nathan Kam who was kind enough to send us a list of several things to do and places to eat.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that they were closed on Sundays.  After finding Ono Hawaiian BBQ closed, we plugged the last restaurant recommendation that we weren’t able to get to into the GPS and luckily it was right around the corner. 

Rainbow Drive-In serves plate lunches, sandwiches and breakfast from 7am to 9pm daily with the exception of a few major holidays.  We decided to go all out for a last lunch in Hawaii and ordered the mix plate which included BBQ, Mahi Mahi, and chicken alongside macaroni salad and rice.  It was delicious.

rainbow drivein

While we ate, we sat at the picnic table soaking in the sun and watching the cars drive down Kapahulu Avenue wishing that our vacation wasn’t coming to an end. 

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  1. 1

    Oh, that last meal of a vacation is always bittersweet, isn’t it? Looks like you had a nice end to your time in Hawaii.

  2. 2

    Looks like a wonderful hearty meal to get you through that flight back home!

  3. 3

    Looks delicious (as all of your Hawaii meal posts have been, although the shaved ice is still my fav!)

    Do you have a handy way of keeping track of restaurant recommendations when you travel? I’m trying to figure that out for our trip to Florida later this month. I want to do it by location… I’m sure there’s probably a good “app for that.” 🙂