Saving Money on Disney Souvenirs

I am headed to Orlando this month without my family for a working trip.  We head to Orlando at least once or twice a year because we live so close.  It is easy for us to book a weekend at an inexpensive hotel and spend one day at Disney.  Our Disney trips are not necessarily the week-long dream vacations but we like it that way.  Living nearby gives us the luxury of being able to visit Disney without breaking the bank.  Sometimes we travel to Orlando and skip the theme parks completely and just spend an afternoon at Downtown Disney.  It gives us a chance to see what else Orlando has to offer. 

Disney is the land of souvenirs and it is hard to get out of that place without making a purchase whether it be a stuffed animal, a princess dress, or Mickey ears.  There are some things that you can only purchase at the theme parks but if you aren’t picky, head to the local Walmarts or Targets.  Both stores carry a large amount of Disney trademarked items included bags, hats, shirts, water bottles, and so much more at a fraction of the cost!

disney walmart

I will definitely be stopping by one of these stores to pick up a little treat to take home to my kids!


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    I agree..there is one Target (in Kissimmee) that is HUGE! and the trinkets are can even get cheap Disney pins there for trading!
    We love to visit Downtown Disney too..we often visit for one night when we head down and back from Miami to visit my husband’s family. We save up our Disney visa points and get a free room and breakfast…we choose the moderate hotel…enjoy the pool..hit downtown disney…almost like a whole vacation at Disney..without ever going to a park!