Tips to Help You Enjoy a Mardi Gras Parade with Your Children


Just because Mardi Gras might make you think of alcoholic beverages and beads thrown from balconies does not mean that you can’t find activities for the whole family!  Over at Traveling Mom, I recently wrote my 7 tips for enjoying a Mardi Gras parade with your kids.

Have you attended a Mardi Gras parade with your children?


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    We are hoping to FINALLY take our three year old girl to a parade this year. It just has never worked out with naps and conflicts for the past three years. These are some great tips. What’s funny is that even before I had a child, I’d do a lot of these things, especially looking for a “beginning of the route” spot. I hate waiting for hours on end and then waiting two more hours to just leave in my car! The beginning spots are definitely well worth it! Graet suggestions Jen!

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    Thanks for the comment, Mandy! We are going to try to get out there this year too! If it isn’t still cold of course!! 🙂