Travel Blogger Tuesday

travel-blogger-tuesdayHere are a few posts that I have been reading around the travel blogging sphere!  If you found a great post you would like to share, please leave a comment!

Seven– If you have not read this post by Nerd’s Eye View, you really must head over there.  Words from me would never do it justice. 

Mondays are for Dreaming: Taking my Kids to New Zealand – I have always wanted to go to Australia but New Zealand wasn’t ever really on my radar.  Mara makes it sound like a wonderful place to vacation with your children.

Off the Slopes: Out and About at Smuggler’s Notch – I have been skiing once and hated every minute of it.  It just isn’t my cup of tea.  My husband on the other hand is an avid skiier and I believe both of my kids would be if they had the chance. I would be willing (maybe!) to try again but it is nice to know that there are so many other activities available!

Tips for Family Ski Trips from a Former Scaredy Cat Skier – On the other hand, Colleen makes it sound like I could strap those skis back on and give it a try even though right now I think I would rather go bungee jumping (and the thought of bungee jumping turns my legs to JELLO).

Camping: High Falls State Park – We are always looking for new camping spots.  This is less than a day’s drive for us so it makes it feasible for a weekend getaway and my kids would love it!     

Disney with Baby: 10 Helpful Hints – We don’t have babies anymore, but we did take a Disney trip when Big S was 10 months old.  This list would have been handy back then!


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    Thank you for including me in your Travel Blogger Tuesday round-up! If I can brave the slopes (and enjoy it!), I know you can too! (Interesting that two of your stories this week deal with skiing…Hmmm…I think there may be some skiing in your future!)

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    Hey, thanks for your kinds words and for including me in your round up. I really appreciate it. Happy Tuesday, Two Kids!