Hiking with Kids

Cashiers, North Carolina has a number of wonderful hiking trails that lead to mountain vistas and waterfalls.  As part of my solo road trip with kids, we are headed to Cashiers, North Carolina to be guests of the High Hampton Inn and Country Club.  I am looking forward to strolling around Hampton Lake, having afternoon tea, and exploring the nearby hiking trails

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My kids will whine about walking across a parking lot to get to the store but will run for hours when we are on a hike or a nature walk.  When we were in New Orleans last week, the kids complained as we walked from spot to spot through the city but once we hit our destination they were all too happy to run and jump and play until their hearts were content!  I am hoping that this holds true when we arrive in Cashiers.  Now that my foot is healed and I have been released from physical therapy, I am looking forward to hiking with my kids and exploring Cashiers.

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Photo Courtesy of KE4SFQ via Flickr


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    Oh my gosh! My daughter does the same thing. I start to think, “Gee, she’s so tired. Maybe something’s wrong and I should take her to the doctor.” Then we get to the playground and she runs non-stop. Pretty sure she’s fine! 😉

    Have a great time on your trip to North Carolina!

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    I, too, have observed this phenomenon in my own children. Tommy, who has hiked five miles straight up a mountain whines – whines! – after two blocks in the city.

    Still so impressed that you are doing this solo, BTW. Can’t wait to read about it.

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    I am in the midst of the phase where I never know when to bring the stroller. Sometimes he wouldn’t be caught dead in it, other times, how dare I think he would walk! 🙂

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    Kids are natural explorers and want to pick up and touch everything. This is one of the greatest things about hiking. There’s lot of the natural world for kids to find and examine. There are so many ways to discover a new shortcut, so it is very exciting for kids.