Hansen’s Sno Bliz – New Orleans


Snow cones, shave ice, shaveED ice, snoballs…these tasty, icy treats are served up differently in each part of the US.  If my kids see a snow cone stand on a hot day, they are usually begging for one!  In Hawaii, we ate our weight in the creamy shave ice that you can find all over the Oahu.  When I got home, I was lamenting to a friend (food does that to you, doesn’t it?) about how much I missed the shave ice and wished we had something similar for a cool treat on a hot, humid Florida day.  I am used to the chunky icy snow cones that don’t really pick up the syrup.  She said that I should try a New Orleans style snoball.  We actually have a place in Pensacola that serves up New Orleans style snoballs but it hasn’t opened for the summer yet so I was excited to come across Hansen’s Sno Bliz in my research for our New Orleans trip.

Hansen’s Sno Bliz has been in business for over seventy years and is a family tradition.  You will need a car or public transportation to get there if you are staying in the French Quarter as it is too far for the kids to walk.  We drove over there after a long, warm morning at the Audubon Zoo.  We arrived about five minutes before it opened for the day and there was already a line of people waiting for the doors to open!  Doors opened right at 1pm and we stared at the menu for about ten minutes.  Both kids got something blue (that was actually how they ordered!) and I tried the banana (my new favorite flavor!). 


The prices are reasonable and they have a number of different sizes from small to a large so big that I have no idea how anyone can eat it!  As I watched her pour the bright blue syrup on Little S’s snoball, all I could think was that I made a big mistake by letting her wear her frilly white shirt and said as much.  We were told that it doesn’t stain!  The only one that stains is the chocolate and we definitely put it to the test.  The blue came out of the white shirt without any problems thankfully!


Hansen’s Sno Bliz is located at 4801 Tchoupitoulas St in New Orleans. 

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    Bob from VA says:

    We’re taking our twins to NO for the first time next month (our first visit since we had the twins) and both Hansen’s and CDM will be on the agenda!

  2. 2

    I always miss the Hawaiian shave ice too. This sounds fantastic!

  3. 3

    I wish I’d known about this place when we visited New Orleans a few months ago! Looks like fun.