Travel Blogger Tuesday

travel-blogger-tuesdayHere are a few travel related posts that I am enjoying this week! 

Suitcases and SippyCups shares Ten Games to Play at an Art Museum.  We did not stop going to art museums just because we have young kids and we love doing the post card suggestion!  We have found that some smaller museums don’t have a large selection of art postcards, so I do a little bit of research and print off pictures of art from the museum we are going to.  The kids use these pictures as a tool to complete an art scavenger hunt!  Next time we go to an art museum, I am going to try her suggestion to have the kids try the freeze frame!

Kidventurous shares Seven Underground Adventures for You and Your Kids.  We love to explore caves when available!  There is something magical and mysterious about those crazy rock formations underground.  I would like to add Florida Caverns State Park!  We love to make the two hour drive to go camping and explore these small but fascinating caves!

Tonya at Live the Adventure shares information about a visit to the Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site in Cartersville, Georgia.  We have Indian Mounds (Fort Walton Temple Mounds) near us that I have yet to visit.  I am putting that on my summer travel list!  I know my son would love it. 

What are you reading this week?