Three Waterfalls in North Carolina

When I think of North Carolina, my first thought is of the numerous and beautiful waterfalls.  Some can be seen from the street and others take a little walk or hike to get to.  While we were staying at the High Hampton Inn and Country Club in North Carolina, we took one of the rainy mornings to drive around and visit some waterfalls.  The High Hampton Inn provided us with a map of the area waterfalls and some of the staff shared their favorite waterfalls.  We visited three waterfalls in the Cashiers area: Dry Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Silver Run Falls. 

Dry Falls is really not that dry at all…hardy har har!


You can walk behind Dry Falls.


Then we stopped to snap a picture of Bridal Veil Falls.  You can drive under Bridal Veil Falls and at one point the highway actually went under the falls.  It isn’t that way anymore.  A few years ago, the road was damaged and closed.  It looked open when we were there, but I was going to take any chances!  We just stopped at the pull off on the side of the road.


Our last stop was Silver Run Falls.  You have to take a little walk to get to this waterfall.  It is kind of hard to see because all you see a a little sign like the one above and it seems like you just park on the side of the road. 


Thank you to Debbie at Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Friday!  Stop by to see great photos from travelers all over!


  1. 1

    There is just something mesmerizing about waterfalls. I love the last shot.

  2. 2

    I had no idea North Carolina had so many waterfalls. Beautiful!