One Adult & Two Kids at LEGOLAND Florida

LEGOLAND Florida is a LEGO lover’s paradise!  My two children, one who is 7 and one who is turning 5 at the end of the month, fell in love with LEGOLAND Florida the minute we walked through the gates.  My daughter was tall enough to ride every ride she wanted to and my son was big enough to ride almost every ride by himself.  This is important to note about our trip to LEGOLAND Florida because I made the visit by myself with my two kids.

One adult, two kids.  Young kids.  Kids that are not very tall.  Or extremely brave when it comes to amusement park rides.

I was worried about what would happen when we got to a ride where both children had to have an adult with them but the rides at LEGOLAND Florida were designed with children ages 2-12 in mind.  Aside from the roller coasters, we only had one other time that my son could not ride by himself.  Unlike other theme parks where you find yourself hanging out in one section most of the day, the entire park beckons children to hop on the rides and experience things by themselves.  At the same time, adults can ride with their children enhancing the family experience.

What I loved best at LEGOLAND Florida was the number of rides that my four year old could ride on her own.  Here are a few of our favorites!

Jr. Driving School – After watching big brother drive his own car around the streets at the Ford Driving School, Little S was ready to practice driving herself.  The track is smaller and perfect for the little ones to try their hand at driving.  Parents are able to sit along the fence around the track to talk to their children or take pictures.

Beetle Bounce – This was, by far, both children’s favorite ride.  They rode it several times both days we were there.  Children are strapped in and the ride brings them up in the air before dropping them and then bouncing them back up.  This ride was also one of the least crowded both days.

The Lost Kingdom Adventure – You ride around in a car that fits four people.  Each person gets a laser gun to fire at targets and the person with the most points at the end wins.  Both of my kids were able to sit in the front of the car and I sat in the back.  I was able to keep an eye on them and beat them at the game!

Rides that would have been more fun with a second adult:

Aqua Zone Wave Racers – This was one of my favorite and least favorite rides at the same time!  We actually entered through the exit because of a misplaced sign, so we didn’t see the height requirement.  My son was too short to ride by himself.  Luckily when we reached the front of the line, the Model Citizen (LEGOLAND Employee) told me that my son could wait while I ride with my daughter and then my daughter can wait while I ride with my son.  Sounds like a great idea right?  Um, it was except for the fact that the ride does nothing but whip you around in a circle.  Over and over and over again.

Roller coasters – While both of my children were tall enough to go on all four of the roller coasters at LEGOLAND, my son refused to ride in the seat by himself (and frankly, I don’t blame him!) and there was no way I was putting my four year old in a seat by herself.  I am sure that we could have waited in line until someone came up that was going to ride by themselves, but we decided not to.

Rescue Academy – At LEGOLAND Florida, most of the rides have some sort of interactive element and Rescue Academy is no exception.  You hop on a fire truck, pump a handle back and forth to race to the fire, put the fire out by pumping the fire hydrant and then you pump the fire truck back to the finish line.  I am not going to lie…this was a lot of work.  With two little ones that didn’t do much of the work, this mama was exhausted!  I definitely could have used some help and I wish I had paired up with the mom and toddler in the car next to me.  They were having as much trouble as I was!

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Thank you to LEGOLAND Florida for hosting me and helping to subsidize my expenses. All opinions are my own with no outside influences (except maybe my kids!)


  1. 1

    Love the shot of your two kids jumping in front of the Welcome sign. Looks like a lot of fun, but was it really as empty as it looks in your pictures? I would have imagined it being insanely crowded for the first little while.

    • 2

      Thanks for your comment Steve! A few of the pictures were taken on a media day which was not very crowded. Opening day was pretty crowded but we took that jumping shot on opening day towards the end of the day so it had thinned out.

  2. 3

    I guess we’re both going to have to read other people’s reviews to get a better sense of what those coasters were like! 🙂

    I may end up writing an entire post solely on Granny’s Apple Fries.

  3. 5

    So fun to read others’ experiences! Looks like we should have paired up for some of the rides – my daughter wouldn’t go on any of the rollercoasters! I would have happily gone with your son.

  4. 6

    I have three teens that have been waiting for this park to open! I’m not sure that they are at all interested in the rides, but certainly want to see the Lego creations.

  5. 7

    We are heading to Legoland this week, so this was a helpful preview! Thanks.


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