Week in My Life – Wednesday

It was a good thing that Monday and Tuesday were quiet days because I made up for it today.  Today we went through the hectic packing rituals before a trip.  We are headed to the Grand Opening of LEGOLAND Florida and my children can hardly believe it!  Unfortunately, because my husband just got out of town he was unable to take any more time off of work so it will just be me and the kids.  We had some practice road tripping without daddy.  Awhile back, we took a quick trip to New Orleans where we were able to stay with Grandma and then I bravely drove 1000 miles from Florida to North Carolina to South Carolina and then back.

Even though my kids are only four and seven, they have been helping us pack their bags for quite some time.  I tell them what they need to get, the go get it from their rooms and make a pile.  It usually looks like this:

I do a quick check to make sure they grabbed appropriate clothing and then I pack it up in the suitcase.  They also pack their own backpacks (see pink backpack in above picture) with toys, books, and other things that they would like to bring with them.  I don’t really check these.  I have found that if they pack their own bags, they actually play with what they bring.  If I pack their bags, they are usually complaining an hour into the trip about how they have nothing to do.  Some trips, we end up with a backpack full of stuffed animals.  Other trips, nothing but Hot Wheels.

Our kitchen becomes a charging station as we get ready to travel!

I also pack up all of our food.  One of our favorite things about traveling is that we indulge in little snacks that we normally don’t eat at home.  We always buy the over priced tiny boxes of cereal for snack and some sort of chips that can be tossed in the backseat!

And the best part of the day?  Daddy is home so that means I am off of homework duty!

Quote of the day: “Your son totally ratted you out this morning when I took him to the bus stop. He told me you skipped dance, didn’t take him to soccer, and they had chicken nuggets and white noodles (fettuccine alfredo!) the whole time I was gone. Hahahahaha!” Daddy J

In my defense, I was sick when we skipped dance and I already told my husband.  Soccer was cancelled by the coach.  And we totally ate chicken nuggets and white noodles every night for dinner…unless we went out to eat!

Tomorrow, we will be on the road so I will be capturing pictures of our stops, our lunch and our arrival at our destination!

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    Legoland sounds like fun. Can’t wait to hear about it. I don’t have a child in school yet, but I do get my niece once a week and she has homework. I am NOT looking forward to that EVERY night. It’s rough just one night a week.
    Travel snacks are the best. I don’t know why… they just are.