A Reunion of a Lifelong Friendship at Blissdom

I'm Going to Blissdom!

Next week, I am hopping in the car for the seven hour drive north to attend the Blissdom conference.  It is my first time attending this conference and I am excited to learn more about writing, blogging, and everything that goes along with it.  But I am most excited about a certain reunion!

My friend, Katy, and I have known each other since the very early 90s (quite possibly, it was the late 80s!)…we were VERY young so don’t start counting years!  My sister and Katy are the same age and were in the same Sunday School classes.  We went through confirmation together, we shared adventures on houseboat trips, and we spent spring breaks in a tent in Mexicali on mission trips.  Many of my fondest moments from middle school and high school are moments that Katy was there for.  After I graduated high school, I lost touch with Katy when I crossed the country for college.

Fast forward a few years to the rising popularity of Facebook for people who had already graduated college.  Katy was one of the first friends with whom I reconnected. Over the past few years, we have shared a love of writing and blogging and are working on similar projects.  When she asked if I would be interested in meeting up for Blissdom, I jumped at the chance.  I haven’t seen Katy in almost ten years when she was in town for the weekend for an event.

So next week, Katy and I are going to be roomies.  We will spend the days learning together in sessions (or maybe just meeting up and sharing what we learned!) and the nights laughing and reminiscing together.

I am so looking forward to reconnecting.

Are you headed to Blissdom?  Leave me a note so we can connect!


  1. 1

    Wish I was going this year to meet you and Katy both! Have a wonderful time (and enjoy the Opryland… such a stunningly beautiful hotel!)

  2. 2

    You’re fully intending on Tweeting me when you get into town, right? 😉

  3. 4

    I am so glad I met a P’cola blogger!

  4. 5

    How wonderful! Can’t wait to hear all about your experience at Blissdom!