Buffalo in Yellowstone

Now that the bad memories of our trip to Yellowstone have somewhat faded, I think I am ready to begin sharing some tips and things to know before you go.  There wasn’t any major event that made the trip a traumatic experience for all of us but there were many incidences that added up quickly.

I am also thinking about making another trip back there some day.  Now that my kids are older, I know they would love to explore and see the buffalo.  My husband probably thinks I am crazy since the trip through Yellowstone qualifies as our worst trip ever.

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    Last summer on our trip out west, we encountered these guys too close, too often. It was thrilling for us, but scary for them. People were behaving so STUPIDLY, putting both other people and the animals themselves in danger. I joked about being in “buffalo traffic”, but it was really sad 🙁 I missed reading about your Yellowstone trip, so I don’t know the details about why it turned out poorly, but for me, I can’t wait to go again one day …

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      I totally agree! At one point, we were stuck in line and this guy was out of his car next to ours trying to take a picture of a buffalo. I was thankful the buffalo didn’t charge. All of my pictures were taken with my zoom lens…we stayed very far away.

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    Not crazy. Wise and intrepid. Yes, that’s what we like to call it. It’s a bigger challenge if you have to redo a bad trip and make it amazing. It probably will be. You never know unless you go, right? Have fun!!

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    These creatures were a bit scary when seeing up close. A huge one greeted us after we entered the park and passed right by our car. We were in Yellowstone a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. I hope you return to Yellowstone with the family soon.

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    It was pretty amazing (not in a good way) to see how foolishly some people acted around the buffalo we saw at Yellowstone and at Custer State Park in S. Dakota. Like Jen, I took my photos with a zoom lens from the safety of our car…sticking my head out of the sun roof 😆

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    Second trips usually go much more smoothly – you make all the mistakes the first time! That buffalo is pretty intimidating looking. It’s hard to imagine people daring to get close to take a photo. We’ve seen similar behaviour in Banff where there are elk roaming around – people seem to forget that they are wild animals and can behave unpredictably. Better to keep your distance and be safe!

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    Is it bad of me to wonder what happened on the first trip? I do hope your next trip is better!

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    Since we’re planning our first trip to Yellowstone this year, I’m anxious to hear about incidents and how you would have done things differently…

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    So sorry your trip was disastrous – in such a beautiful place, too. At least you got to see buffalo. 🙂