Photo Friday: Panoramic Photos with the HTC Rhyme

While at the TravelingMom Disney retreat, we were given the HTC Rhyme to try out.

Is it a camera?  Is it a phone?  It is actually both and then some.

The HTC Rhyme has a great camera with all sorts of settings.  I will give a full review of the phone later but first I want to share one of my favorite settings on the camera phone.  The Panoramic setting was so much fun to play with that I might have a hard time giving up this phone (even if it comes without a slide out keypad).

The Panoramic setting is very easy to use on the HTC Rhyme. To take a picture, you click the shutter button.  The camera snaps a picture and you then follow the directional arrows with the ring onscreen. You slowly pan the camera, keeping the ring on the dotted line. When you get to the next stop, the camera snaps a picture. You do this one more time and the camera will stitch together your picture.

It is so easy to use and the pictures turned out beautifully.

From Castaway Cay looking towards the Disney Fantasy

The Atrium during the Farewell Party

Castaway Cay

Animator’s Palate

Oceaneer Club

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Do you want to read more about my Disney Fantasy experience?  Read about seven mistakes I made on my first Disney cruise. Wondering if it will be my first and last Disney cruise or if I am planning another trip? Stay tuned next week.

*Thank you to HTC and for giving me the HTC Rhyme to try. I will be returning the phone to the company in a few weeks.  Thank you to Disney and Traveling Mom for providing my cruise accommodations. I paid for travel there and back as well as other expenses. As always, opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. 1

    Such cool photos – and from a phone too!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!


  2. 2

    How cool! These panorama shots are beautiful. Love the Castaway Cay shot. Will need to look into this instead of doing post editing with a stitching software for panorama shots.

  3. 3

    Those are great photos – can’t believe you took them with a phone!

  4. 4

    Wow! These are gorgeous, Jen!

  5. 5

    Great shots Jen. Do I sense a little hesitation in your voice when you say “I’ll be returning the phone to the company in a few weeks”?

  6. 6

    That’s a great camera feature – every time I try a panoramic picture like that on my own it comes out crooked or mismatched.

  7. 7

    Becca – Thanks for hosting the link-up!

    Mary – The phone setting stitches it all together for you as soon as you snap the last picture in the panorama. So easy!

    Lisa – Thank you!

    Chris – Thank you!

    Steve – Yes…you definitely sense some hesitation in my voice. I have actually been in the market for a good point and shoot. If I could keep this camera, I would not need to spend the money on a point and shoot!

    Sonja – Thanks! I haven’t tried to stitch them together myself. I should give it a try and see how I would do.