How to Create a First Aid Kit for Your Car

A first aid kit is important to have with you especially if you have children. Boo boos, scrapes, and falls are bound to happen. We are gearing up for some summer road trips and I realized that our first aid kit (I mean the first aid kit that I stole from my mother’s car last year when we were on a big family road trip!) was in very sad shape. The last few times we needed a band-aid, there were none to be found.

If you don’t want to make your own first aid kit, you can purchase one from a store like Target or Walmart. Small ones cost about $10 and large ones will run you about $20. The only problem I have with the pre-made kits is that they don’t really come with enough of the supplies I need. There are only a few band-aids and there are extra things that we end up never using. By creating your own kit, you can put in the supplies that you know you and your family typically use.

For about $25-30, I created a tailor-made first aid kit for our car and had enough supplies to restock the first aid kit that I keep in my purse or carry-on bag when we are out and about.

Supplies for my kit:

  • Antibiotic cream like Neosporin to clean up scrapes and minor wounds
  • 10 yards of Waterproof Tape to hold the gauze in place if a band-aid won’t cut it
  • Ace bandage because my family (well, except for my husband) is prone  to twisted ankles
  • Cleaning Spray like Bactine to clean up scrapes
  • Caladryl Lotion for my daughter because she is constantly covered in bug bites
  • Antibacterial Sanitizer Gel
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Small Band-aids
  • Band-aids for knees or elbows
  • Gauze pads
  • Bug Spray

I thought about adding suntan lotion to the box, but we normally carry that with us. We often forget the bug spray and don’t remember until my daughter is scratching her already formed bug bites. You might want to add a pain reliever to the box but I normally have that with me when we travel so I decided that it wasn’t necessary to put in the kit. I stored the gauze bandages, Band-aids, and alcohol pads in a plastic bag so that the boxes weren’t taking up unnecessary space.

Put all your supplies into a small container that will fit under your seat or in the back of the car. I used a Ziploc container.

Once the first aid kit for my car was finished, I grabbed a plastic bag and stored the extra guaze bandages, Band-aids, and alcohol pads. To this, I added a few pain reliever pills and threw it in my purse.

Now when we are out and about and we have scrape or bug bite attack, I am prepared. What do you put in your first aid kit?


  1. 1

    Probably TMI, but I always keep some Tums and some Immodium AD in my toiletry bag. The change in diet experienced during travel usually ends up bothering at least one of us! I love the idea of customizing a kit. I keep a small pre-packaged one in our car, and I honestly don’t even know what’s in it. I’ll definitely put this on my to-do list before our summer road trips.

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    Great idea! We also have a first aid kit of sorts. Since we try to use natural and homeopathic remedies as much as possible, which aren’t always readibly available on the road, I also make sure to include a bottle of Colloidal Silver- perfect for ear infections, pink eye, you name the ailment, we’ve probably used it for it. I also pack Tea Tree Oil for bug bites (especially helpful for camping)and a few other products to help keep us healthy so we can enjoy our trip.

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    Great tips! I carry a bag of first aid supplies when we are flying but it’s never occurred to me to have one in the car – I definitely have to do this.

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    This is a great list! I used to have a first aid kit in my car, but we moved it to the camper and now I need another for the car. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    Love the idea! I always try to carry some band-aids (for blisters) and tylenol with me in my purse…even if I don’t end up needing them, chances are someone I’m with will! Good to be prepared:-)

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    I always keep a first aid kit in my car and pack one when we travel. I have two kids that play baseball/softball, so there is always a boo boo to be cared for – whether my kids or someone else on another team.


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