Holospex Glasses at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Our visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens was full of fancy shimmering lights.  Alone, it was a beautiful display that captivated my children’s attention for almost two hours even though we were wandering through temperatures that we weren’t used to.  We were layered with hats, coats, gloves and, much to my surprise there were no complaints during our entire adventure.  I attribute the lack of complaints to the Holospex glasses that are available for purchase when you enter the gardens.  My number one tip for visiting the light displays at the Botanic Gardens is to buy them for your children.  You will be glad that you did!

The Holospex Glasses come in several choices.  We recommend the snowflakes and the candy canes.  When you look through the glasses, the twinkling lights are transformed into shapes.  I took these photos with my camera through the Holospex glasses.  They aren’t perfect, but I hope that it shows you a little bit of what you can see.


Giving my children these glasses added an extra hour to our visit.  Instead of whining about being cold or hungry, they were comparing glasses and what the different lights looked like.


The stars were my favorite!




*Thank you to the Denver Botanic Gardens for hosting my family during our visit to the gardens.