Venturing out: Denver Zoo

After unpacking the important things like the kitchen items, clothes boxes and the jackets, we decided that it was time to venture out and see a little bit of Denver.  We looked at a few lists of things to do and decided to take the kids to the Denver Zoo.  What a zoo it is!

One of our favorite parts of the Denver Zoo was how close in proximity you felt to the animals.  There were only one or two exhibits where I felt like it was difficult to see the animals.  For the most part, every exhibit made you feel like you were right there in the exhibits.

The zoo is great for children of all ages.  There are a number of interactive exhibits where children can see how their height compares to a penguin or how their hand compares to a claw.

Even my six year old was having fun trying to read the signs scattered around the zoo.

 While we were there, we saw the most frisky rhino.  The rhino was hopping and running around in a way I have only seen in cartoons.  It wasn’t this guy, obviously.

 We had so much fun exploring the zoo.  We spent about three hours wandering around the many different exhibits.  Our tickets were $40 total for 2 adults and 2 children during the winter season.  It seemed as if there were some shows and activities that were closed because we were visiting in the winter but there was still plenty to do and see.  We missed the feeding times but we were able to listen in on some talks about the different animals.

The Denver Zoo ranks up there in our top three favorite zoos.  When the visit was over, I was disappointed that we didn’t just purchase a season pass.  We will definitely be back.

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • The zoo was easy for us to find and parking was a breeze.  There is an underground parking garage that spits you out right near the front gate.
  • There is a carousel and a train ride.  When we were there, the train ride was closed but the carousel was open.  For $2 each, my kids took a spin on the carousel that is beautifully decorated with all sorts of zoo animals.  You can buy tickets at the front gate but there is also a ticket booth near the carousel.  We decided to wait and purchase tickets inside the zoo so that we could skip it if we wanted to.  Of course, we were not able to skip it because my daughter can sniff out carousels a mile away.
  • You can pack a picnic.  There were so many families with strollers or wagons full of coolers and picnic baskets.  There are concessions available but you can save some money by bringing in your own lunch or snacks.

This was, by far, my children’s favorite part of our visit…


  1. 1

    This looks like a great zoo! Definitely fun for the entire family.

  2. 2

    Great photos! lol at the pile of poop – my kids would love that!