5 Books to Get Before Your Next Trip (and Activities to Go with Them)

In a world full of technology and fun toys, you might forget that books are the perfect travel companions for your children. Even if your child is not an avid reader, you can help get them started with these books and activities to go with them!  The best part of collecting books to bring on a trip is that you can pick them up at the library for free.  Each of the books below can be found at the library.  Just ask your librarian to point you in the right direction.

five books

1.  How To Draw Book – Find a book that teaches your child to draw something that they love.  We like How to Draw 101 Animals by Dan Green.  Our library has a whole shelf of How to Draw books that include things like insects, birds, reptiles, flowers, knights and castles and more.  Grab some paper and spend the time on the road learning how to draw something new.

2.  Comic Strip Books – Pick up a Garfield comic strip collection or a Superman Comic book for the trip.  While you are on vacation, talk to your kids about the different things you have done and which activities would make good comic strip plots.  Draw your own comic strips together using your family’s vacation as the topic.

3.  Poetry Anthology – Lots of kids don’t like poetry but there are plenty of anthologies out there to interest your children.  One of our favorites is the Reptile Ball by Jacqueline Q. Ogburn.  The book is full of silly poems about reptiles.  Choose a poetry anthology about something that your children like.  While you on your trip, write poems together about something that happened.  If you need an idea to get you started, write an acrostic poem.  Write the name of the place you are visiting and then come up with one word or phrase that starts with each letter.

4.  Guide Book about Your Destination – The library usually has a pretty big travel guide section and I always check there before purchasing one of my own.  Pick up a travel guide to browse with your kids and plan out your adventure.  While you are on your trip, create a travel brochure together.  It is so easy!  Take a plain white piece of paper and fold it into thirds and write about your destinations.

5.  History Book or an Informational Book about Your Destination – Learn more about your destination before you go.  Learn about the history, culture and food.  While you are there, discuss what you learned in the book and compare it to what you saw at your destination.  History books don’t have to be boring, either.  Pick one out that has brightly colored pages and small informational paragraphs that are easy to digest.

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    I never think about checking out guide books from the library, that’s brilliant. Totally doing that on my next trip!

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    Great ideas! My kids love how to draw books! I love that you included ways to extend the trip memories from the books, as well.