Call Me Cuffs: A Review

Have you ever turned around to say something to your child only to realize that your child is no longer standing next to you?  In those seconds or minutes when you are searching all over, a number of things go through your mind.  What was my child wearing?  Will they remember my cell phone number?  Will they remember what our plan is if we ever get separated from each other?


Call Me Cuffs offered me a 12 pack of temporary wrist bands to review.  I said yes for a couple of reasons.  The wrist bands are temporary so if they get lost, you aren’t out a lot of money.  The wrist bands only have the phone number of choices on them.  There is no other identifying information and you can use the same order of wrist bands for all of your kids.

We used the Call Me Cuffs several weekends in a row while we were on the ski slopes.  As my children’s lessons progressed, they got more and more daring.  They were riding ski lifts with each other and without us.  They were swooshing down the mountain before I could even get myself off of the lift.

I have also replaced the hand written note with my phone number on it in each of their school backpacks and also the camping backpacks.  I just attached the Call Me Cuff to the tag and I can be assured that my kids will know how to get a hold of me if they need to.


Call Me Cuffs are waterproof and durable.  My kids wore theirs the whole weekend that we were skiing and they were in great shape at the end of our visit.  The bracelets can be customized with your phone number and also allergy and medical information.  12 bracelets cost $14.95 and shipping is only an additional $1.25.

*Thank you to Call Me Cuffs for sending me the product to review.