Disney World without Kids

When one thinks of Disney World, they don’t always think of a place to visit without the kids.  I did exactly that recently on a sponsored Traveling Mom retreat and I had a blast.  My mom drove down to see me and we wandered the parks doing whatever we wanted.  Disney World with kids is lots of fun, but I present to you some reasons why should think about hitting Disney World without them (shhh…don’t tell the kids!).


Eat whatever you want and you don’t have to share.  Want a dole whip or an ice cream cone?  Go right ahead and eat the Mickey Mouse ice cream.  Nobody is going to want yours and you don’t have to share.

Ride what you want and skip the lines of the rides you want to skip.  Sure, Winnie the Pooh is a fun ride and I love watching my daughter’s eyes light up as we hop in the honey pot.  To be honest, I am glad my mom was okay with skipping the 75 minute line.

Getting ready to ride Peter Pan, our favorite ride!

Getting ready to ride Peter Pan, our favorite ride!

Leave the parks when you want to.  When you are only paying for one ticket, it is easy to justify a shorter day at the parks.  My mom and I left before the fireworks show one night and headed to Downtown Disney to watch a movie we both wanted to see but didn’t have anyone to see it with back home.

Carry your purse or don’t even carry a bag at all.  The whole time my mom and I were walking around Disney World, we both felt like we were forgetting something.  We only had our small purses with our cameras and wallets.  We didn’t have water bottles, snacks, Camelbaks that needed refilling, toys to entertain during lines, and souvenirs bought at every gift shop.


See that bed? I don’t have to share!

Go to bed early.  Or go to bed very late.  When at Disney World with my family, I always feel like we have to get our money’s worth.  We plan to get there when the parks open and we shut them down.  If we leave before the parks close or get there a few hours after they open, I always feel like we missed out.  On the flip side of that, when my kids are tired and ready to go home we might not be.

I can take all the pictures I want because I am not carrying all that stuff.

What is your favorite part about going to Disney World without the kids?

*Some of my expenses were sponsored my Traveling Mom, Disney or Chevrolet during this retreat.  As always, opinions are all mine.