Snowmobiling with Good Times Adventures

Feeling the wind rush through my hair, hearing the roar of the snowmobile as we made our way through the trail, and stopping for a view from the Continental Divide made our first snowmobiling adventure a moment to remember.

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Snowmobiling is one of those things I always wanted to try but I didn’t know how I would like it.  When Breckenridge Resort Chamber shared that they had set up a complimentary snowmobiling tour with Good Times Adventures, I was thrilled.  I couldn’t wait to get in the snow and give it a try.  We learned a lot on our adventure and can’t wait to go back next season.

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This snowmobile comes with hand warmers!

Wear your ski clothes.  Ski pants, jacket, hat, gloves and base layers are all necessary on a cold day.  Good Times Adventures offers snowsuits and boots to borrow if you don’t come dressed appropriately.  We ended up borrowing the snow boots and I am glad that we did.  The boots are very warm!

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Getting there might be a little difficult in your own car so book transportation.  The road slopes uphill and, from what we could tell, it isn’t paved all the way to Good Times Adventures.  We were driving my car that was purchased in Florida where All Wheel Drive or 4WD is a splurge, not something it typically comes with.  I was very concerned about getting there safely so we got a ride there and took the transportation offered home.  It did not add that much more time to our day and we felt much more safe.  On the way back into Breckenridge, we saw a car that had missed the turn and ended up in a ditch.  It made me feel better about my decision to leave my car parked back at the condo.

Bring your camera.  There are plenty of opportunities along the way to take pictures so you will want a good camera with you.  I brought my DSLR and wore it around my neck under my jacket during the ride.  I was glad that we had it to capture the moments that my cell phone might not have been able to.

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Children can come along and will have a blast.  My daughter in the front with my husband and my son rode in the back with me.  Our kids screamed with delight for the entire two hour ride.  They could not get enough.  Bonus-Children under five are free!

The view from the Continental Divide

The view from the Continental Divide

The 2 hour tour was plenty.  I was concerned that the two hour tour wouldn’t be long enough for my adventurous kids but it most certainly was.  We arrived back at the base still excited but tired enough to be finished with our adventure.  The 2 hour tour goes to the Continental Divide and you will have a few minutes to take a break, get some pictures, and walk around a bit.

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You break, you will likely pay for it.  Make sure that you listen closely to directions and be safe.  These are 2013 models and I didn’t want to be the proud new owner of a snowmobile that no longer worked!

Be aware that you may want to buy your own snowmobile.  My husband didn’t think he would enjoy snowmobiling as much as he did.  On our way home, all we could talk about was how much fun we had and how we can’t wait to try again.

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Snowmobiling not your thing?  Good Times Adventures also offers dog sledding.  We will definitely be returning next year to try dog sledding.

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*Thank you to Breckenridge Resort Chamber for hosting my family.  Opinions are always mine and mine alone.

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    Looks like a ton of fun. We will have to get up there and try it sometime!

  2. 2

    Looks like tons of fun! I’ve never been snowmobiling or dog sledding and hope to try both one day!

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    I so wanted to do this when we were in Colorado, but we had too many kids and not enough adults. Next time, maybe.


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