Test-driving a Chevrolet

Recently, Chevrolet was a sponsor for a retreat that I attended in Orlando, Florida.  As part of the retreat, we had the opportunity to test drive several of the different cars in the Chevy line; the Malibu, Corvette and Traverse to name a few.


I should begin with the fact that I am not really a car person.  I can appreciate a pretty car, a sensible car, or a car in a great color but for the most part a car is a way for me to get from point A to point B.  Recently, we traded in my minivan, which was causing us more problems than not, for an SUV.  We shopped for two days, found something that would work in our price range and purchased it.


Chevrolet wasn’t even on my radar before these test drives.  Now, I plan on giving them a second look when we get ready to purchase our next car.  Here are a few reasons why:


I love the OnStar option that comes in the cars.  It can help with everything from getting directions to calling for help when you are in an accident.

Storage Space

When I moved from a minivan to an SUV with a third row, I didn’t realize how much cargo space I was going to give up.  Each of the Chevy cars I looked at had a ton of cargo space.  The Traverse has 116.3 cubic feet of cargo space!  That is a lot of cargo.

The USB Port

This isn’t really a necessity but I love the fact that I can plug my phone in and use it to listen to Pandora or my own collection of MP3s.

Cooled Seats

While the cooled seats might be more of a luxury and not a necessity in my new home in Colorado, the cooled seats would have come in handy (and often) when we lived in Florida.

5 year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty

Unfortunately we have experience where this warranty would have come in handy.  Our brand new minivan bit the dust about 1000 miles after the 36,000 mile warranty expired.  We were given the run around and were told too bad so sad and had to completely rebuild the transmission.  At 36,000 miles.  It was painful.  I love that this warranty goes through the 100,000 mile mark and gives you a little bit of solace should you need what it does cover.


And sometimes?

A girl just wants to sit in a car that is going to make her look good no matter how much the humidity is affecting her hair.



  1. 1

    I feel the same way about cars, but when I see a beauty like that I’m like a school girl with a crush 🙂

  2. 2

    I didn’t realize the cars had cooled seats – that would definitely come in handy in the summertime!