Why EVERY Mom Should Own a Totseat Portable High Chair

What is a Totseat, you ask?  Only one of the most clever inventions in recent baby travel gear.  It is basically a piece of fabric that you attach to an adult chair that keeps your infant or toddler strapped in.  It is fully adjustable to fit ALL types of dining style chairs – tall back, short back, skinny, wide, with and without back spindles (please notice the different chairs in my pictures).  It EASILY squeezes into a sack about twice the size of my wallet.  It keeps my child CONTAINED.  It is essential for every mom on the go!

totseat4When I found, ordered, and used this contraption my very first thought was, “If it hasn’t already happened, some mom out there is going to be very rich one day from creating this thing.”

I could just see it – a mom stuck somewhere without a highchair, and with the need to keep her baby in one spot.  She probably grabbed a towel and tied her kid to a chair or something and thought of this BRILLIANT idea.  Sure enough, I read Totseat’s history and I was almost totally correct – except instead of a towel, she was using her long sleeved sweaters.  She made her first prototype out of her wedding dress.  I love it.

Compliments abound when my daughter uses her Totseat.  Every time I place her in it, strangers want to know what the heck that thing is, where I got it, and how much it cost.  The seat is a UK product and they do delivery to most all destinations but shipping and handling will run you 10.95 in pounds if you are not located in the UK.  With the conversion rate, it makes more sense for US residents to purchase the Totseat through Amazon like I did.   It was $39.19 with free shipping since I am an Amazon Prime member.

Some of you may be thinking to yourself, “Well, that’s what I have a stroller for.”  I very rarely use a stroller for my 10 month old.  My daughter much prefers to be worn everywhere we go and I find strollers to be cumbersome and annoying to maneuver.  Also, strollers aren’t exactly ideal in the situations I have used our Totseat.

You know the problem: you go out to eat and the only highchairs are the big wooden ones that your child can slip right through.  Or all of the highchairs are taken.  Or there is no high chair at all!  Totseat!  Seen below hanging out at a friend’s birthday at a restaurant (left) and meeting a friend for lunch (right).

totseat3 totseat5

You head out to enjoy a delicious dinner at a friend’s house and she doesn’t have any highchairs (or they are already occupied by her own children).  Totseat!


You just need to be able to keep your infant or toddler in one place!  For instance, when you are at the gym, fresh out of baby swim lessons.  Changing in the locker room, where there is obviously no where to put baby, is much easier when you are not trying to keep her out of lockers, or balance her on a bench.  Totseat!


I have not encountered a time where I wanted to use the Totseat and was not able to.  Not to mention, it is now my go-to gift for baby showers!  This will become one of those items that you say, “I have no idea how I survived without it!”




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    Thank you for your lovely comments, I am thrilled to read of your adventures with the Totseat …. We are also great travellers which is really how and why it came about …. Minimising the necessary luggage in trying to lead a normal life. And yes, my husband did hand me the scissors to chop up my wedding dress!

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      Marissa says:

      Thank you for stopping by Rachel! I agree completely about making traveling easier. We love your product and look forward to using it over and over in the future. What a terrific way to take a problem and turn it into a fantastic solution.

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    What an ingenious invention! Super travel friendly.

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    Love this. Who would have thought! Great idea.