Colorado with Kids: Tips for Visiting The Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center is a registered National Landmark located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It is a short drive from Denver so we have brought many of our summer visitors to see it.  If we lived closer, we would probably visit several times a month.  We love walking past the different red rock formations.  Visiting Garden of the Gods is free.


Visit the Nature Center.  The visitor’s center is full of interesting information about the Garden of the Gods.  There is a movie that you can view about how the rocks got there but it costs money so we haven’t seen it yet.  There is a gift shop and a small restaurant as well as exhibits.  The highlight of the visitor’s center is the view of the Garden of the Gods.  Pike’s Peak is centered perfectly between the red rocks and you can get the perfect postcard picture.


Keep the kids entertained by naming the rocks.  If you children aren’t into the hiking thing or are complaining about going for a walk, try to come up with new names for the different formations.  My daughter spotted a formation that looks just like a baby elephant and she tries to find it again every time we visit.


Get out of your car!  Even if you don’t have long to visit, park in the main parking lot and take the Perkins Central Garden Trail.  This trail is paved and is wheelchair and stroller accessible.  The walk takes you to viewing spots for some of the coolest rock formations in the park.


Get off the beaten trail and go for a short hike.  If you have time, get off the beaten trail and go for a hike.  We hiked the Siamese Twins Trail and it was worth it.  It is a one mile round trip and some of the views are beautiful.


Bring bottled water.  Even if you only plan to wander the Perkins Central Garden Trail, you will want a bottle of water with you.  If you know that you are going to be there around lunchtime, bring a picnic with you.


Parking can be a pain.  Just like most tourist attractions, parking can be quite a pain.  When you visit during peak times, expect to have trouble finding a parking space.