Keystone, Colorado Ski and Ride School – The Ultimate Four Lesson

This weekend, I will be battling the crowds with my two kids in tow to get all stocked up for the upcoming ski season.  ‘Tis the season for Powder Daze, Sniagrab, and more.

After living in Florida, where summer occurs about 350 days a year, I am ready for the Colorado summer to be over.  Bring on the snow storms, the quiet that ensues and the excitement of skiing down the mountain.

With the exception of my husband, who had been both skiing and snowboarding before, my family was just getting ski legs underneath us last season.  We bounced from mountain to mountain, took lessons, tried skiing down some green runs on our own and learned what this whole ski life is about.

We LOVED it.

We can’t wait for winter.  We will look for gear this weekend, we are researching season passes and we will be ready to hit the slopes.  Gearing up for winter has me thinking about how things will go this season and reminiscing about last season.  By far, my favorite lesson of the season was the Ultimate Four at Keystone Mountain, Colorado.


Take a Lesson

I can’t stress how important I think taking ski lessons is for having a pleasant day on the mountain.  I took several lessons throughout the season last year, but the lesson that stuck with me and taught me the most was a semi-private lesson that I was provided, the Ultimate 4 lesson at Keystone.  I took the lesson on the second to last weekend of the season last year and I wish that it had been my very first lesson.  In fact, I am already planning on signing up for this lesson when the mountain opens in October or November.

The view from the bottom of one of the learning areas.

The view from the bottom of one of the learning areas.

Keystone’s Ultimate Four Lesson

The Ultimate 4 Lesson at Keystone is exactly that…you, three other people, and your instructor.  I took the lesson with two of my friends.  They were visiting from Florida and we were all about the same beginner level so it worked out well.

The lesson starts with check-in and rental gear pick-up if necessary.  Once that is done, it is time to hit the mountain.

Yes, even if you are new to the sport of skiing.  We spent about thirty minutes about halfway up the mountain on a flat surface where our instructor made sure we could properly put on and take off our skis and maneuver around.  We hopped back on to the gondola to go up to a beginner’s section where you can ride down a hill, catch a magic carpet back up and do it all over again.  If you are confident enough to go down a green run, School Marm (famous for being a really long but easy enough run) is right around the corner.

Your instructor is with you the entire day, coaching you, correcting you, and encouraging you.

The view from one of the learning areas...what a view!

The view from one of the learning areas…what a view!

Benefits to the Ultimate Four

The Ultimate Four has only four students and our instructor told us that it often doesn’t fully book up.  I took some lessons with 6-8 adults and everyone had varying abilities.  In those lessons, I often felt left behind or pushed to do more than I was comfortable with.  Other times, I felt like I was ready to try something more difficult but instead had to wait until my classmates caught up to me.

In the Ultimate Four, I felt like I was pushed enough so that I could grow in my skiing skills and I wasn’t held back.  I also appreciated being able to say that I wanted to sit something out if I wasn’t ready or too tired.

Another benefit of the Ultimate Four is that you get to control the schedule more than you did in a group lesson.  Hungry?  It is okay to say that you are ready to take a break.  You won’t miss important instruction time if you have to use the bathroom.

I progressed faster in this lesson than I did in any other lesson.  If you are taking a lesson on your own or with a few friends, the Ultimate Four lesson is worth the money.  I feel like I learned so much that I will be signing up for the Ultimate Four to get used to having a pair of skis attached to me again.

*Thank you to Keystone for providing me with the Ultimate Four Lesson.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.


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    Awesome and exciting post, love the skiing images, and SNOW!!! Bring on the snow. I want to go right now with the kids and take skiing lessons!!! Thanks for kicking off a dream for ski vacation!!!