That Day I Took My Kids to a Beer Factory

Earlier this summer, I did something that I hardly ever do.  I checked in to a location on Facebook.


I checked in to the Coors Brewery with a note about how I was turning in my Mom of the Year award at the door because my friend and I were bringing my 6 and 8 year old to a beer factory.  The comments that ensued were hilarious and many people noted that there is much to learn at a beer factory.

They were right.


The Coors Brewery is the world’s largest single site brewery.  As we wandered through the self-guided beer factory tour, I was surprised by the knowledge imparted to my children and I.  They got to touch and smell hops and learn how it is harvested.


They got to learn more about our new home, the Rocky Mountains.  They learned about what responsible drinking was and how it is illegal to drink before you are 21.  My kids saw how beer is brewed and even got to watch some employees check on a batch.


We learned how the beer was packaged and we got to watch the boxes fly by the window as they headed off to be sold in stores.


Free Beer

About halfway through the tour, the over 21 crowd gets a chance to drink a sample of recently tapped beer.

When the tour is over, you get dropped in the tasting room where beer samples abound.  They also offer soda products for the under 21 crowd or the non-drinkers in the group.

The tour is interesting even if you aren’t an alcohol drinker and if you like factory tours, I recommend it.


Know Before You Go

The Coors Brewery Tour is open to all ages but if you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult.  For the record, we saw kids of all ages on the tour.

Arrive early in the day to avoid the lines.  When we arrived around 1, there was already a line to get on the tour.  The tour actually begins in the parking lot.  You park your car and get in line under a covered walkway where you will catch the small tour bus.  The bus will take you on a quick tour of Golden, Colorado, where the brewery is located.

No bags or purses allowed.  You may bring a wallet but leave all bags behind.

Don’t forget your id if you are planning on imbibing.  You won’t be served without a valid id.

The tour is self-guided.  When you check in, you will be given a device that will tell the story of the brewery.  As you proceed on the tour, you push the coordinating buttons to get the information.  Supposedly, children are not given a device.  We were given one extra though so both my kids carried the device around while informing me all about the beer making process.

Mother of the year, I tell ya!


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    Yes, traveling with children can be challenging. I always choose to do things like this that I normally would want to do without my son, even if he’s with us. He sees me drink beer at home. We took our then 5-year-old to a whisky distillery in Scotland. Just because he was with us didn’t mean we had to miss out on that opportunity.

  2. 2

    Love it!! I”m a home brewer and have visited many breweries, and I’ve never seen an environment that didn’t seem dangerous or harmful to children, and there have been kids at all of them. I think you should get a gold star added to your trohpy for thinking outside of the box!

  3. 4

    I would have never imagined taking my kids to a beer factory, but your post showed me that they just might enjoy it! Thanks for the tips.