A Good Pair of Gloves

*As part of my brand ambassadorship with Stonz, my children each received one pair of mittz to review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone.  For the record, I will buy Stonz Mittz from here on out as long as they fit my children.


When you live in a place that only experiences winter for about nine days a year, you don’t really have the kind of cold weather gear you should have.  Moving from Florida to Colorado was an interesting experience for us.  We left Florida in shorts and arrived in Colorado only to frantically dig out what little cold weather gear we had.  After unpacking some of the boxes, the first order of business was to go shopping.  Sweaters, more long pants and jackets were easy to purchase.  Other outerwear pieces left us confused.

Are knit mittens enough?  What happens if it snows?  Are all gloves equal?

Last winter, we discovered that all gloves are not equal.  We went through at least five pairs for each kid during the winter.

It didn’t matter how much money we spent on a pair of gloves.  I would hear constant complaining about how cold their hands were.  Cold hands from playing outside in the middle of February.  Cold hands while skiing down the mountain.  Cold hands on our walks to the park.

It seemed like we couldn’t do anything during the winter time without complaints about cold hands.  It got to the point where I probably could have bought stock in those disposable hand warmers.  I would toss them a pair and block out the complaining.

I didn’t think there was anything I could do.

Until, our Stonz Mittz arrived.


For the past couple of weekends, we have made the drive from Denver up to Copper Mountain and the Stonz Mittz have been with us each time.  A lot of the mountain isn’t open yet, but we are beginner skiers so that is okay.  We have been spending most of our time at one of the learning areas, the Pitchfork lift.

This small lift is perfect for practicing your lift skills (something this mama needs a lot of!).  Once you successfully get off of the lift, ski down Green Acres.  Green Acres area is great for beginner skiers.  It also gave my kids a chance to ski ahead of me and ride the lift alone without giving me the anxiety and worry.  I could see them from almost everywhere.  Being able to ride the lift together and then ski down the hill without me bothering them gave them quite a confidence boost.

It was very cold and dumped buckets of snow on us during our first trip.  I didn’t even realize until the end of our ski day that I did not hear one single complaint about cold hands.  Not one.

It was a winter miracle!

The Stonz Mittz are both water and wind resistant and they are extra long.  The Mittz go over the outside of the jacket and can be cinched both at the wrist and at the end of the Mittz.  This kept the snow out of the gloves and jacket when one of the kids took a tumble.  Unlike my own gloves, they are not so thick and uncomfortable that it makes it difficult to do anything in them.  Both kids were able to carry their own skis without them slipping out of their hands.  The only time they took the Mittz off was during a hot chocolate break.  We did discover that it is difficult to hold a cup of hot chocolate while wearing them.

Mama wants a pair of Mittz too but they don't come in her size.

Mama wants a pair of Mittz too but they don’t come in her size.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was kind of nervous about ski season and some of the complaining that goes along with it…the skis are too heavy…it is too far to walk…my boot is too tight…

I am thrilled that cold hands will not be on the list of complaints this season.



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    I think I need those right now to shovel all that snow out there in Denver!

  2. 2

    Gonna have to get my mitz on these! 😉

  3. 3

    Great to know! My kids too have the “my hands are cold” complaint down and sometimes my 5 yo comes inside and her little hands are so red. It hurts just to look at them. These look great! Especially the extra long part so the snow doesn’t get in.

    How much are they retail?

    • 4

      Hi Daria! They retail for $39.99 but over the past few months they have run two different sales that I have seen so select patterns were only $29.99.