Tour the United States Naval Academy – Annapolis, Maryland

You don’t have to wait until your children are filling out applications before touring colleges.  When you tour a college, you don’t have to take the official tour provided by the college ambassadors.  Take a walk around campus on your own.  Some of the most beautiful places I have seen have been in little corners of college campuses.


A few weeks ago, I hopped on a plane to Baltimore where, with the help of my stepmom and my mom’s co-worker, I was able to surprise my dad, my sister and her family and my mom.  All in one weekend!  It was not an easy feat to pull off but we did it.  Once all of the surprises had been revealed, I was able to take some time to explore an area I haven’t spent a lot of time in.


My brother-in-law is a graduate of the Naval Academy so he was the perfect tour guide.  We wandered the campus with him as he pointed out the different buildings and told us about his time during school.  We got to see the world’s largest single dormitory and the window that used to be his.


Exploring Memorial Hall was a moving experience during Veteran’s Day weekend.  The grandeur of the interior is jaw dropping.  My words and pictures from my cell phone don’t do the campus justice.


We loved the intricate details on the outside of the buildings as well.


Have you fallen in love with a college campus during your travels?