Stonz Booties for Kids

*As part of my brand ambassadorship with Stonz, we received a pair of Stonz Booties to review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone.  For the record, I will buy Stonz Wear gear from here on out as long as they fit my children.

Winter has been slow to arrive here in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  It was cold, then rainy, then 80 degrees, then rainy, then rainy.  Did I mention the rain?  We have yet to see snow on our side of the country like Jen has in Colorado, but the weather we are experiencing has still called for more protective gear.

My family is an outdoor family, come rain, sleet, or snow, and it is difficult finding the right clothing and accessories that will hold up to how tough the elements can be.  Not to mention the comfort and convenience factors.  We will be outside to run and play in almost any weather.


We were so excited to receive our Stonz Booties a few weeks ago.  The world changed a little bit for my 17 month old daughter, and of course, me!  We have finally found a shoe that cures every shoe issue we have ever had.

Every. Single. Time. We get in the car the first thing my little sweet pea does is remove her shoes.  Then the socks.  NOT WITH THESE BOOTIES!  The absolute first thing I noticed after she had been wearing them a while is the function of the two adjustable toggles – they keep the booties on.  ON!  She can pull and squeeze and push all she wants and not once has she been successful in pulling these Booties off.  She doesn’t even bother trying anymore.

imageWhat is more, she genuinely seems to love wearing these booties.  We throw them on to go out in the cold and she immediately starts jumping around the house.  The booties are incredibly versatile and are made to fit over the toddler’s shoes.  However, you can also purchase the Stonz Linerz to wear inside the booties instead of shoes.  My daughter has never worn them any other way.  She clearly enjoys the freedom of being without shoes.  Using the booties with the Linerz allows her to have the same freedom as if she were running around barefoot.

photo I have been incredibly grateful for what a difference the Stonz Booties have made in our outside play and errand running abilities.  I am looking forward to trying them out in the snow up at SnowShoe Mountain during our upcoming vacation.  Maybe we will even get a little snow around here soon!