Stonz Winter Bootz

*As part of my brand ambassadorship with Stonz, my children each received one pair of boots to review.  All opinions are ours and ours alone.  For the record, I will buy Stonz Wear gear from here on out as long as they fit my children.

stonz boots2

Much like a bad pair of gloves can make or break your ski trip, a bad pair of boots can ruin just about any winter outing.  Last year, we bought the kids’ boots at a big box store for about $20.  They worked well enough but they were heavy and cumbersome.  The kids never lasted more than about 45 minutes outside before coming inside to peel off their wet socks and sit by the fire.  When you live somewhere where it snows on a regular basis, the world does not shut down.  School goes on (we have only had one snow day), work goes on, and you are expected to be there.

Getting to school in the morning means your regular clothes and then gloves, hats, heavy coats, and winter boots.  Then you have to put a sweatshirt in the backpack because the classroom is cold and the coat is too heavy to wear.  You also need a change of shoes so you aren’t wearing your snowboots every day.  Getting out the door can be quite an ordeal!

stonz boots

The Stonz Winter Bootz have been an awesome addition to my children’s winter wear.  They are sturdy and help them keep from slipping on the icy paths.  They are lightweight so my kids can run around outside on a snowy day for as long as they want.  Our walk to school is a little less than a mile.  In the fall and spring, we walk to and from school at least three or four days a week.  With our Stonz Winter Bootz, we can keep up our walking to school routine.

The boots come up high enough and have a drawstring to help keep snow out of the inside of the boot.  Sledding, snowball fights and more won’t stop my children.

stonz boots1

Stonz Winter Bootz come in sizes that go up to 14 years old.