Hot Cocoa Sleigh Ride at Snow Mountain Ranch

When I think of the Christmas holidays in the snowy wintertime, I think of hot chocolate and sleigh rides.  This holiday, we spent a week in Fraser, Colorado near Winter Park.  It was a snowy winter wonderland and we skied, tubed and just enjoyed family time.  When my daughter and I wanted a break from skiing, we decided to take a sleigh ride.


There are a number of sleigh rides available in the Fraser and Winter Park area.  After researching some reviews and asking around, we settled on a sleigh ride out of the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch.  Snow Mountain Ranch is about a 15-20 minute drive from Fraser.  Once you are on the YMCA grounds, follow the signs to the stable.

The check-in process is easy.  After you sign your waiver, you can wander around and visit with the horses until it is time to go.  Once you take off, it is a leisurely ride to the area where you can get hot cocoa and roast a couple of marshmallows by the fire.  After that, the ride back doesn’t take too long and you can visit with the horses again before saying your goodbyes.


Things To Know Before You Go

Wear your ski clothing to help keep you warm.  The weather on the day of our ride was miserably cold and windy.  I was glad that we wore our ski pants, gloves and hats.  There were a couple of people putting their ski pants on over their jeans in the parking lot when they realized how cold it was.

Wear sunglasses.  The wind was whipping around and my daughter wouldn’t stop complaining about how she couldn’t see.  I wish I had thrown her ski goggles or sunglasses into my car before we left.

There is nowhere to sit indoors while you wait.  The stables recommend that you arrive early to check in but there is nowhere to wait indoors.  We met the horses and then we spent some time hanging out in the car because it was just too cold to wait outside.



At the time of this posting, Groupon is offering a deal for $55 (not an affiliate link) for this hot cocoa sleigh ride.


  1. 1

    The horses are gorgeous! I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to convince my husband to book a romantic sleigh ride for he and I. I guess it doesn’t appeal to him as much as it does to me. 🙂 Maybe I should plan a mother-daughter day instead.

    Did your ski clothes keep you warm on the ride? I think I’d be tempted to drag a few blankets along as well.

  2. 2

    The horses look absolutely adorable! They’ll probably have a hard time carrying me around on a sleigh though 🙁 Haha! They don’t seem like your average-sized horse.