DETER Insect Repellent – A Natural Botanical Formula

Since moving to Denver, I have discovered a love for the outdoors. I love my evening walks around the park while the kids play on the playground. I enjoy perusing my hiking books to find a new hike to take on the weekend. I love sitting out on my deck with a drink while I wait for the sunset.

What I don’t love though are all of the bugs that seem to constantly find me and attack like they are eating their last meal.  I am not a fan of bug spray.  I don’t like the chemicals and I don’t like the sticky feeling that you get. Even the odor free bug sprays have a smell that you just can’t get away from.

Over the past month or so, I have had the chance to try out Deter Insect Repellent and the whole family loves how well it works. Recently, we hiked our first 14er (tips on that to come in a future post) and the one thing I was so surprised about was the number of no-see-ums on the trail.

Part of the 14er trail

Part of the 14er trail

We were at 12,000 feet elevation and I was getting eaten alive. I was so glad that I had thrown a couple of the Deter towelettes into our Camelbaks.


As soon as I wiped my arms with the towelette, I felt immediate relief. I will be honest and confess that I didn’t love the smell at first. It has spearmint oil in the formula and I believe this is the smell that I have had to get used to.  It has grown on me though the more that I use it. The towelettes are perfect for the traveler, hiker, or person on the go. They are small and easy to tuck in a backpack, purse or pocket. The spray bottles come in several different sizes that are also easy to tuck in your hiking backpack.


My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and we have trouble finding products that don’t tear up her skin. This works just fine and doesn’t irritate. Deter Insect Repellent is a natural botanical formula and is environmentally friendly. They also have a sunscreen that I hope to try.

Do you want to give the formula a try? The best thing is that you can try the small bottle for less than $5.

*Thank you to Deter Outdoor Skin Protection for sharing some product samples with us. All opinions are mine and mine alone.



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    Thanks for the tip! When I’m outside in the evening, I swear no one around me needs repellent. Mosquitos flock to me like they are about to have their last supper. I’ll give it a try.