Planning Meals for Your Ski Vacation

Skiing can be an incredibly pricey adventure. Living in Denver affords us the luxury of being day skiers if we are ready and willing to brave the traffic on I-70, but we try to spend a few days in the mountains when we can so that we don’t have to drive back and forth.


Last year, we had the opportunity to stay in a timeshare for a week at Christmas. A week! That is far too many days to be eating meals out and about around the ski resorts. Even if your resort is located in a town like the one we visited, Winter Park, it can still get costly as you buy three meals a day for your entire family.

A little planning ahead can help you save a ton of money. Before we left, we wrote up an easy meal plan. It included all of our favorite quick and easy meals. We listed out the ingredients that we would need. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much room in the car for ingredients at all but we were able to take a couple of dry ingredients and condiments so we wouldn’t have to spend money on that.

Once we got unpacked in the timeshare, we headed straight to the grocery store. We did have to stop a couple of other times during the week but we plan to do better next time!

So what was on our meal plan?


Cinnamon rolls
bread for toast


For lunch we bought the makings for sandwiches but we forgot the plastic bags! Next time, we will make sure to buy or bring plastic bags so that we can make sandwiches to have on our ski days.


Day One – Tacos
Day Two – Beef Stroganoff
Day Three – Breakfast for dinner
Day Four – Dinner out
Day Five – Chicken fajitas
Day Six – Chicken Divan Casserole

What do you need to think about when planning meals on your ski vacation?

Is someone going to be staying behind? If you have some non-skiers in your group, they might be willing to help out with the meals. Even then, your non-skiers might have plans of their own. The end of the day is not the time to try to figure out what everyone is going to eat for dinner. That is when more money and time is spent!

Will it take a lot of pots and pans? Or a crockpot? If a place has a kitchen, it typically has enough pots and pans to cook any of my quick meals. We have stayed in a few places that had a kitchenette so some of our meals wouldn’t have worked as well.

What kind of spices and condiments are you going to need?  Our place came with salt and pepper but that was about it.

What can you bring with you to help save even more money?  I would love to have a sugar cookie making extravaganza but getting all of the ingredients needed for sugar cookies and frosting just isn’t reasonable. Make the dough and the frosting ahead of time and bring it with you.

What is your go to meal when you are on a ski vacation?