5 Things to Love about Aventura Clothing (and a Chance for a Discount Code)

When I find a piece of clothing that makes me feel comfortable and looks decent, I usually buy it in every color they have. Capri pants that don’t make me look like or feel like I weigh 1000 pounds? I will take them in khaki, black, and navy blue. T-shirts that fit my shape? One in those seven colors please. To be honest, I don’t really have any fashion sense and will always look for comfort over look.


Enter Aventura Clothing. I was introduced to Aventura Clothing by a friend and ambassador about a year ago. I fell in love with the brand both for what it stands for and how it looks. That is why it was such a great fit for me to apply to be an ambassador when the application process opened. As you know from visiting this site, I only recommend products that I use in my every day routines. I am thrilled to announce that for the next year, I will be an Aventura Clothing Ambassador!

The Lantana Hoodie - I am trying to decide if I can justify purchasing one in each color.

The Lantana Hoodie – I am trying to decide if I can justify purchasing one in each color.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love Aventura Clothing:

1. The website is full of ideas to help you put together perfect outfits. I love the way the website showcases each piece of clothing in a perfectly put together outfit. If you are like me and don’t really have any fashion sense, Aventura helps you put together an outfit that you can feel good in. To be honest, three of the latest outfits I have purchased or chosen as an ambassador were picked right off of a catalog picture. It has helped me step out of the box and pair colors that I might not have paired together. Speaking of colors…

2. The colors compliment each other.  Every time I get an order from Aventura, I am pleasantly surprised at how many different outfits I can put together with just a few pieces of clothing. The colors all compliment each other and work well together. One of my favorite outfits right now is the Meryl skirt in Alhambra Green and the Dionne top in Blue Moon (pictured below). I would never have bought these two items together in the store but seeing them next to each other on the site? They are a perfect match.



3. You can feel good about your purchases. The Aventura mission is to help the earth one garment at a time. The clothing is fashionable but also has a low economic impact. The sustainable eco-friendly fabrics include materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester rayon from bamboo, and other natural fiber blends.

4. Spending a little money goes a long way. I am very frugal. It is important to me to save money anywhere I can whether I am booking travel, purchasing clothing, or shopping for groceries. I often purchase from the clearance rack and from high discount places. After purchasing my first couple of Aventura pieces, I realized that spending a little bit of money on clothing can save money in the long run. Instead of the $5 t-shirt that doesn’t last more than three or four washes, I spent a lot more and am still wearing the same Aventura pieces. They wash well and have lasted a long time so far!

5. You are going to look great! I get more compliments on my Aventura clothing than I do on the rest of my wardrobe combined. Every time I wear one of my Aventura outfits, I get compliments on the color, the cut, and the overall look all day long. You know what else I love about Aventura? I am cruising into my late 30s and Aventura helps me stay fashionable without feeling like I am dressing like a teenager.

Do you want to try Aventura at a discount? The first 5 people to comment on this post will receive a discount code for 60% off of the original prices up to $250.

*As an ambassador, I was provided with three outfits to review. I currently have several items sitting in my Aventura cart right now! All opinions are mine. 



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    I would love one. Trying to get some things bought for Alaska cruise next month and this would help a lot. Thank you

  2. 2

    I look forward to purchasing something beautiful

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    Christine says:

    I would love a coupon to try Aventura clothing! It’s a wonderful match — finding complimentary colored garments AND sustainable eco-friendly fabrics. Can’t wait to try them!

  4. 4

    Beautiful and comfortable? Sign me up!

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    Emails have been sent to everyone above!

  6. 6
    Cindy Collier says:

    I love these clothes!

  7. 7
    Sheryl Delp says:

    I love that they are Made in America! Thanks for keeping your manufacturing in the USA!

  8. 8

    Hi Cindy! Thanks for your comment. I have sent you your discount code.