Scarves: My Favorite Travel Accessory


When I travel, I am always standing in front of my small jewelry box trying to decide what to bring with me. I have a couple of necklaces that I love to wear with different things but do I want to travel with them? I am not a big accessory gal but I do have a couple of pieces I love. One necklace is worth more in sentimental value than monetary value and I would be distraught if I lost it or if it was stolen. Another necklace is hard to keep from tangling even in a jewelry pouch. What about the bracelet that my husband bought for me for the last holiday? Do I wear it all? Do I put it in my luggage and hope for the best? I usually end up leaving it safely at home in my jewelry box but I always feel like I am missing something when getting ready to explore a city that is new to me.


I have found the solution to this travel accessory problem. If you are a visitor to this site, you know that recently I became an ambassador for Aventura Clothing. While I was shopping, I decided to add a couple of spring scarves to my order. Since moving to Colorado, I have fallen in love with winter scarves. My sister has knit me some pretty gorgeous scarves that I wear on a daily basis. Why not give a spring scarf a try?




I may or may not have a scarf problem.

When the scarves arrived, I fell in love with them immediately. They are soft and lightweight making them perfect for spring and summer in Colorado. I probably wore one to work at least twice a week.

When it came time to pack for my next trip, I threw several of the scarves in my suitcase. They don’t take up too much room and I don’t have to worry about the sentimental value if they get lost. And at an average price of $30, I can worry less about the loss of the scarf than I would about the loss of some of my jewelry. The scarves are lightweight so they don’t make me feel like I am suffocating in a warm climate. On the other hand, they still provide some warmth when moving from the warm outdoor weather inside to the air conditioned buildings.

What is your favorite travel accessory?

*In exchange for a couple of outfits to review and some discounts, I share some of my favorite things about Aventura Clothing. This is easy for me because I was a huge fan of the line before I was asked to be an ambassador. As you know, I only share things on this site that I love and use already or do continue paying for myself.