The Bellagio is a Cut Above the Rest

Bellagio Fountains

When planning a surprise trip to Vegas for our 15th wedding anniversary, I went back and forth with where I should stay. Which hotel had the best amenities for us at the right price?

After much research, I decided to book the Bellagio. It cost me about $200 a night but it included an $80 food credit. This made the cost for two nights a little bit easier to swallow.

We arrived in Vegas, caught our ride to the hotel, and stood in line to check in. It was about midnight and we were surprised to find the line practically out the door. It didn’t move very quickly but we were able to take in the sites of the lobby while we waited.


When it was finally our turn, we were informed that all that was left was a smoking optional room. AKA, there is a 100% chance that people have smoked in your room. I called a week ahead of time to inform the Bellagio that we were going to be a late check in so that this would not happen.

Womp, womp.

It was 1am at this point. We had worked all day long, spent the evening at the airport and had a late flight. We were tired and ready to crash so we took the room with the assurance that we would be able to switch it out the next day.

We woke up the next day and decided to switch rooms because the smoke smell was pretty terrible. We waited in a much shorter line (apparently most of the casino goers were still sleeping at 10am!) and were informed that our new room would be ready after 2pm and that we were given a food credit for our troubles.


After a few hours of exploring, it was time to get the new room keys BUT…

It may come as no surprise to you that the line was out the door. Again.

We went up to our room and called to cancel the room change. I just couldn’t bear to stand in that line again after walking around in the heat of the desert sun. Much to our surprise, they offered to change the key remotely. We packed up our stuff and headed up to the much nicer smelling room (with a better view!).

Shortly after we dropped our stuff, a knock at the door sounded. We opened it and were surprised with a box filled with nine of the most delectable chocolates I have ever tasted. It was a little anniversary gift from the Bellagio.


In addition to the amazing service, we also enjoyed the fountain show. It was much shorter than we expected but it was every bit as lovely as we thought it would be.

Despite our initial difficulties, the Bellagio has earned a life-long customer. If we ever make a trip back to Vegas, the Bellagio will be the first place we will look to book.